Theresa May to resign in June. What has she achieved during her time?

Theresa May to resign in June. What has she achieved during her time?

Theresa May has announced her resignation. With tears in her eyes, she turned to the nation with a speech. What was her tenure like? What did it mean to the United Kingdom? What has this woman achieved during her ruling? The answers and estimations are controversial, and it is our task to figure out facts right now.

Theresa May

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Theresa May has been the UK’s Prime Minister for almost three years. It was a hard time due to Brexit, difficult negotiations with the whole Europe, social and economic crises inside the UK. She is titled one of the most underrated political figures in the world and ‘the new iron lady’ remembering another female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Still, the opinions regarding her tenure are so controversial that one needs to be completely impartial to find the truth and real achievements.

Will Theresa May resign and when will it happen?

Theresa May resign

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The Prime Minister will resign, and this is a fact now after she has announced it herself. The date is June 7, 2019. This will be the end of her almost three-year-long cadence that really had very positive achievements along with painful failures that were not popular and weakened her prestige as a political figure.

Now, when Theresa May resigns, what has she achieved?

Theresa May statement

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Even before becoming the Prime Minister, the New Iron Lady used to work hard. As Home Secretary between 2010 and 2016, she also used to work as the Minister for Women and Equality. These duties and this work have helped her to come up with a range of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of women’s struggle for their rights.

Even after leaving the post of Home Secretary, Theresa May has never left the matter of domestic violence against women without her attention. Due to her personal participation, very precise steps have been taken, and a new special bill was accepted to protect victims of physical, psychological and economic violence in families.

It was her who launched a special investigation, the aim of which was to detect and reduce the cases of racism that can be observed in the public sector.

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The Prime Minister’s attempts to take real steps against childhood obesity were another challenge criticised by experts. However, it is already something, a kind of the first step towards a good goal, which her successor may turn into something more significant and resultant.

Theresa May Brexit steps, as always, receive a very critical evaluation. In the long run, it looks like the attempts to complete Brexit have become the last drop. When the House of Commons rejected Theresa May Brexit deal for the third time, the already existing political crisis aggravated. The never-ending disagreements in the United Kingdom politics were among the major moving forces that have made the Prime Minister think about the resignation.

In the meanwhile, heads of EU member countries have come to another agreement regarding Brexit and postponed the date until October 2019, giving the UK another chance of completing the process as the majority of the nation wanted at the referendum.

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The now-famous touching and emotional Theresa May speech mentions other achievements made within her tenure. They include the reduction of the budget deficit, shortening of the state debt, creation of new workplaces, struggling against climatic changes. The second female Prime Minister in the whole history is another achievement, which can open the doors into the big politics for other talented, energetic women who will be dedicated to their homeland.

‘I have done everything I can’, was the most powerful Theresa May statement during her farewell address at the audience. History will show whether this statement is true. Now, we can only watch how experts evaluate her work and how positive opinions collide with negative ones.

What does Theresa May resignation mean for the United Kingdom?

Theresa May Brexit

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Diverse forecasts regarding her leave have already started appearing in mass media. What do experts say? It is quite hard to foresee which place this lady will take in the history of Great Britain. It is possible that, in spite of the current controversial estimation of her actions and decisions, in spite of the fact that, in general, Theresa May approval rating has been far from very positive through the years, her tenure will be remembered as quite a calm and balanced one. Of course, there were mistakes, but she has accepted all the criticism connected to Brexit. British experts claim that it is very likely that in the long run, Theresa will be recalled with much more empathy.

American experts also appreciate the way the Prime Minister has challenged circumstances while heading for Brexit. Now, as they report, it is possible that the Conservative party will undergo inside conflicts, while a new leader will appear in the middle of July.

Theresa May speech

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The current Prime Minister had an arduous task in front of her: to reunite the nation that was split into two parts by the results of the Brexit referendum. She took it as a duty but, experts claim, she had no chances not because she was unable to complete the exit from the European Union, but because there was no way to exit at all.

Many experts keep on comparing the Prime Minister to Margaret Thatcher not only because she is another female on this post. Disagreements with fellow party members have allegedly made Theresa May resign, and the same happened to Thatcher years ago. They both left their posts with tears in their eyes in spite of all those obviously positive steps they both have taken for the sake of their country.

The United Kingdom is on the verge of another political era now. Another Prime Minister who comes after Theresa May has all chances of becoming the one who changes the fate of the kingdom forever. The achievements and steps taken by her will play their part at due time.

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