Pastor Mensa Otabil admonishes Christians to apply scriptures in sensible way

Pastor Mensa Otabil admonishes Christians to apply scriptures in sensible way

- Pastor Mensa Otabil has reportedly listed some scriptures in the Bible he believes Christians are not applying the right way

- One of them is the Bible’s admonition to turn the right cheek to be slapped after the left one

- Mensa Otabil gave other examples

Popular Ghanaian pastor, Mensa Otabil, reportedly claimed that some scriptures in the Bible are being misused by Christians.

He allegedly made this statement while preaching to his church members in a programme aired on TV3 on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

This was gathered by in a report sighted on

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He mentioned some of the scriptures which some people were misusing because they take them out of context.

Otabil stressed that wisdom was needed in applying some of these scriptures in order not for them to become useless in a situation.

One of these is the scripture found at Matthew chapter 5 verse 39 which reads in the KJV: “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

Otabil questioned the sense in allowing oneself to be struck twice needlessly.

Why should the Bible say that, if someone slaps you on the left you should turn the right to the person as well? It is not to be taken literal, which of you can do that?” he asked his congregants.

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He also questioned the sense in taking the popular scriptures about giving literal, wondering how one could save if they have to give all of what they have.

“Why should I give all I have while I’m supposed to save? It is senseless to take it in that regard,” Otabil reportedly said.

Comparing those two scriptures to real life situations, Otabil said:

If someone comes to your house and steals your fridge will you tell the thief to come for your television in addition?”

“It is senseless if that scripture is applied that way without wisdom,” he added, when no response came from his church members.

The man of God who is known for his vast knowledge in the scriptures, may be speaking in proverbial terms and not saying literally that the scriptures are useless.

He is known to be learned and has impacted many people.

Otabil reportedly completed his sermon by saying: "However, the nonsense of God is wiser than the sense of men."

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Recall a while back, the pastor had stated that fufu was killing Africans. He highlighted the need for a change in the attitudes of Africans, he also said the process in which fufu is being made was difficult and very unhygienic.

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