Young man advises men to dump ladies that helped them become successful

Young man advises men to dump ladies that helped them become successful

- A young man has doled out a piece of advice to fellow men

- The young man urged them not to cling to ladies just because they helped them become successful

- The individual in question also attacked women for thinking they can have a hold on their men

A young man identified as Bonisile Hanibun Mgidi on Facebook recently took a jab at women who believe that they have some level of control over the men in their lives - especially if they have helped them become successful.

Bonisile told off this assumption and even urged men to dump women who helped them become successful by any measure. He rhetorically asked women why they spent a lot of time building up men, and then, expect them to stay behind when they are already made.

According to Bonisile, just as builders do not stay in the houses they build, men do not necessarily want to stay with the women who helped them become successful.

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See his post below:

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Many Nigerians have reacted to the advice doled out by the young man. See some of the comments below:

bae_fabrics: "I have always said and would always say, ladies don't build any man, expecting him to stick with you tomorrow. Its usually doesn't end well. Build yourself, have your own achievements, there is nothing more satisfying than making your own money and achieving your own goals."

augustabliss: "And when a woman leaves her struggling boyfriend to a richer guy they will tag her "greedy" irony of life! Some people are just foolish with they way they think."

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lotsoflove_bytolu: "Wow, just wow, so ladies in other news, whoever is building or helping to build a man is doing it at her own detriment. Go to the already built/constructed building and live happily ever after."

mzeuropa: "I have 4 younger brothers.. enough men to build.. I don't need additional stress biko."

rammysspace: "Women, I hope you see the men you are embracing. Be smart oo. They don’t deserve your love."

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