Top 10 exercises for flat tummy you can do at home

Top 10 exercises for flat tummy you can do at home

Are you having difficulties fitting into your favorite clothing? Do you get embarrassed when looking at your belly fat on the mirror every time you get dressed? If yes, now is the time to start exercises for flat tummy and get serious about working on your general health. For a majority of people, weight loss is not wholly successful unless they have a flat stomach.

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Unfortunately, losing belly fat is not easy; it requires engaging in exercises for flat tummy to get the perfect look. This can make the quest for getting a flat tummy very stressful due to the many exercises one has to engage in, which can result to other people getting into weight loss pills and consumption of fad diet pills that have little results.

Exercises for flat tummy

Below are some of the most effective flat tummy exercises that you should engage in while at home for that perfect body shape.


One of the best-considered exercises for a flat stomach is crunches. Crunches are preferred due to their ability to work up the core abdominal muscles that help to tighten and build the muscles on the stomach. Moreover, crunches can be done anywhere, given they are not hard to perform. To increase the fat burning efficiency, there is a need to combine this flat tummy exercise with preferred exercise equipment such as weights, to exercise the hands while performing the crunches.


If you are looking for a high-intensity cardio workout, consider rowing. Rowing can burn out fat even in the most stubborn areas, including the stomach. While undertaking the exercise, you get to increase your metabolism rate, and the heart pumps faster, thus burning more calories. Therefore, with rowing, you get the opportunity to not only burn fat, but also build lean muscles all over the stomach.


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Planks are excellent in allowing you to burn more fat belly within several days. Planks exercises usually involve the core abdominal muscles as well as other muscles in the body, and this provides the body with an opportunity to burn more fat. Additionally, the workout takes a short period and thus can be performed for about 60 seconds when one is lying on the floor. You can engage in more modified versions of planks to ensure you get more calories burnt with ease such as knee planks, single leg planks, and side planks. Additionally, you can involve a roller that will force the muscles to stretch further to stabilize the position.

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Sit ups

All that is required of you is to lay on the floor on a mat and face upwards and push your upper body up and down. Sit ups are one of the most effective ways to directly exercise the abdominal muscles and ensure the belly fat is completely eradicated. Successful results have been seen by using sit ups to have that amazing and leveled stomach.


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Exercises that target abdominal muscles are excellent in ensuring that you get an opportunity to reduce stomach calories as much as possible. Incline running is one of the aerobics workouts you can engage in to ensure you actively engage all parts of the body. Opt for incline running due to its ability to burn fat faster in comparison to standard running, as it places extreme stress on the body muscles. Incline running can be done on irregular surfaces or up and down staircases.

Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings are considered to be one of the high-intensity workouts that help the body to build different muscles from the core abdominal muscles to the legs. This is one of the most involving activities to offer you the best stomach shape you desire.


Burpees are deemed to be one of the ideal workouts that help you get a fat-free stomach. They are thought to be some of the high-intensive activities that effectively engage several muscles in the body, translating to significant calories burned, and hence better results are achieved. All you need is a free room and time for the training sessions.

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Squats are high intensive acts that are great in allowing you to lose stomach fat. There are several muscles involved when an individual decides to perform squats, including hands, -hamstrings, and glutes. The more the muscles in the body are involved in the exercises, the higher the number of calories which will be burnt in the body. To burn more calories, you can incorporate some exercise equipment with the squats like a medicine ball or a Kettlebell.

Weight lifting

exercises for flat tummy you can do at home

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If you are seeking to burn not only stomach fat but also gain some abs, weight lifting is considered to be the most effective form of workout to choose. By lifting weights, an individual gets the opportunity to involve primary abdominal muscles that allow you to burn off extra fat. This exercise can be done at the comfort of your home. When using heavier weights, the body is prompted to continue burning calories even after leaving the gym or fitness center.

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Bicycle exercises

Bicycle exercises are exercise routines which are deemed to be modified forms of crunches. While riding a bicycle, you get the opportunity to engage all the major abdominal muscles that often leads to the formation of lean muscles. Peddling a bike can be mimicked at home while lying on the floor, and can be performed practically anywhere as long as you are fired up for the exercises.

A less bulgy stomach is likely to boost your confidence significantly. Thus, it is essential to ensure that you incorporate some of the exercises for flat tummy that have been discussed above. Purpose, at least in a day, to do one of the mentioned workouts, and you will surely see some change in your body within no time. The journey to achieving a leveled stomach may seem demanding, but through the guideline provided, the results are inevitable.

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