How to measure curtains: a step-by-step guide

How to measure curtains: a step-by-step guide

A flat with bare and naked windows may seem, for many, uncomfortable. Good window shades help to protect you from excess sunlight and the prying eyes of passers-by. It would be hard not to emphasize the importance of this element of interior design. The benefits are clear. The only way to choose the ideal model that will fit your interior is to learn how to measure curtains.

Measuring curtains
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When you come to the shop, and a seller asks you to give him the accurate size, you should not tell him the approximate length and width. Buying curtains at random is a self-defeating thing.

How to measure curtains: Top steps to follow

Read this guide, maybe the way of how do you measure curtains is wrong and gives you inaccurate measurements.

Step 1. How do I measure for curtains? The choosing of a new curtain pole

If you already have a suitable curtain track and you are not going to change it, you can skip this point and move to Step 2.

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There are certain rules of how the rod should be placed on the wall. It should exceed each side of the window to 4-6 inches or 10-15 centimetres. You can make them longer if you want. In many houses, their lengths reach 20 cm. It is better to place it 5-6 inches (12-15 cm) above the top side of your window.

How to measure for curtains
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These rules were created for people’s convenience. A considerable length of the pole reduces the amount of light when the window shades are closed. At the same time, we can gather it on each side of the window to make your room lighter.

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To determine the length of a curtain rod needed, you should measure the width of the window, and two lengths for the excess place of the drapes.

Step 2. How to measure curtains width?

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When doing this step, do not forget about ‘gather’ or ‘fullness’. Even the most beautiful drapes which lie flat against the window look messy.

Measuring for curtains
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If you want to create these beautiful folds on your window, you should measure the width of your curtain pole, except the decorated ends. That is the number with which we will face.

To calculate the needed gather, you should take your width and multiply by the index, ranging from 1.5x to 3x.

For example, if you want the medium gather, multiply your width by 1,5 and divide by 2; for heavier gather multiply by 2,5 then again divide by 2. The 2,5 gather is something one-size-fits-all variant.

Step 3. Measuring for curtains length

It is the easiest step. You need to measure the length from the top of your curtain rod to the place, where you want the curtains to end. There are three existing lengths:

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  • To the sill — curtain ends 1,5 cm before the sill.
  • Below the sill — 15 cm down.
  • To the floor — 2-2,5 cm before the floor surface.

Of course, all these lengths can be changed according to personal preference.

Step 4. What size curtains do I need?

Remember, that you can not always find the drapes that will coincide with your measurements, Ready-made curtains are available in fixed sizes. There are three widths 117, 168, 228 and three drops 137, 182 and 228. Please, note that these of different manufacturers may differ.

  • 117x137cm (46×54″)
  • 117x182cm (46×72″)
  • 117x228cm (46×90″)
  • 168x137cm (66×54″)
  • 168x182cm (66×72″)
  • 168x228cm (66×90″)
  • 228x137cm (90×54″)
  • 228x182cm (90×72″)
  • 228x228cm (90×90″)

Often, the sizes marked on the packaging are not exact. Be ready to shorten your drapes, that will increase the amount of money spent.

How to measure curtains
Source: UGC

The best variant is made to measure curtains. You can take your measurements and curtain maker will create the model, that will fit you. You can choose fabric, decorations and fitting price.

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If you want your flat to look modern and the interior design impresses your guests, please do not ignore measuring curtains. This small detail can significantly change the whole look. Especially since now you know how to measure curtains, avoiding mistakes in calculations.

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