How to fold a pocket square? Tutorial and fun ideas

How to fold a pocket square? Tutorial and fun ideas

When you choose a suit and accessories for a festive or business outfit, do not forget about such a necessary detail as a pocket square. It was created especially for the male jacket. Not all men know how to fold it stylishly. We offer you several options of how to fold a pocket square. It is not as difficult as you may think.

Pocket square

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Male business style is attentive to details. Thanks to them, every modern man can show his individual style.

How to fold a pocket square?

Folding a pocket square, you need to make sure that it does not ridge and does not sag; it should look natural. In the classic official image, a display handkerchief does not protrude more than 4 cm from the edge. When you informally use a display handkerchief, any options are possible.

There are many techniques. It is worth noting that these accessories made of cotton or linen are best wrapped into simple shapes, and a silk one can take on various intricate shapes. Before wrapping cotton or linen display handkerchiefs, they must be ironed, but do not do this with silk accessories. Are you ready to find out how to fold a pocket square and create the best image?

Technique №1: The Presidential

The simplicity and elegance of this option are ideal for both formal bows and strict “Black Tie”. Use silk or linen material of white colour. Follow the next steps of how to fold pocket square to create the perfect image for every event:

  1. Fold the material 4 times so that the loose ends are at the top on the right and then wrap on the left.
  2. Wrap the display handkerchief along in half, overlaying the left side on the right.
  3. Wrap the lower part so that its top does not reach the upper edge.
  4. Put the handkerchief into the jacket pocket and flatten it.

Technique №2: Single Peak

This option is suitable for any dress code. Take a classical monophonic handkerchief. Here is how to fold pocket square with a single peak:

  1. Lay the material folded four times so that the free ends are pointing down and the fold is in the upper right. Bend the display handkerchief horizontal diagonally, equating the edges at the top.
  2. Fold the left edge to the right, equalizing the bottom fold.
  3. Wrap the right edge, putting it on top.
  4. Put the handkerchief into the jacket pocket and flatten it.

Technique №3: Two Peaks

A plain pocket square folded in such a way also looks strictly official. This simple guide will help you to fold a pocket square with two peaks:

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  1. Fold the accessory 4 times.
  2. Bend the fabric in half so that the upper edges are slightly offset, but remain flushed.
  3. Wrap the left and right lower part so that the width is equal to the niche of the jacket.
  4. Wrap the bottom edge 1/3 of the entire length.
  5. Turn it over on the front side and put it in your pocket.

Technique №4: Three Peaks

The following method is ideal for a soft silk suit handkerchief. This technique is suitable for informal occassions. However, it does not look good with a classic black suit. If you want to look stylish and elegant, this is what you need:

  1. Place the handkerchief so that its edges look up and down and along the sides.
  2. Wrap the top side down, aligning it with the bottom.
  3. Then fold resulting side angles of the triangle to the bottom edge.
  4. Wrap the side angles of the resulting square again to the centre.
  5. Place the result in the jacket pocket so that only the upper part of the accessory will be visible.

Technique №5: The Rose

The rosebud looks neater, and it is also suitable for a casual suit. It is believed that this method of pocket square folding is popular with the Italians:

  1. The handkerchief is folded into a "well" shape, the flap is placed on top of the handkerchied, and its centre is pushed with the fingers into the hole.
  2. The ends of the flap are wrapped down so that they do not stick out.
  3. The resulting "bud" is placed in the jacket pocket, and the rest of the fabric is straightened inside it.

These pocket square rules can perfectly complement both business and informal images. The videos in this article clearly demonstrate how to fold a pocket square properly and beautifully. If you have new ideas, share them in the comments below.

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