Do not marry a poor man - Actress Lizzy Gold advises ladies

Do not marry a poor man - Actress Lizzy Gold advises ladies

Nollywood actress, LizzyGold Onuwaje, has taken to social media to dish out some interesting advise to the ladies on choosing their life partners wisely.

While many people believe where there is true love, nothing else matters. Actress LizzyGold Onuwaje has come out to counter that belief. She recently took to her Instagram page to advise ladies not to settle down with poor men.

In her words: "I ve zero tolerance for poor and lazy a legit job hard ve no excuse to be poor.even in the bible it is stated that Man must till the ground .stop been lazy and stop depending on people to survive.. If you dont have money do not get married even my brothers are not exempted from this advice...#truthisbitter"

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Meanwhile, a young Nigerian actress has taken to social media to share relationship with single ladies in search of love. The actress identified as Ngozi advised women looking for a life partner to date all kinds of men. The actress advised that it would be okay for ladies to date all men, the bad, the cool, the commitment phobic and the crazy ones.

According to Ngozi, what makes the bad boys attractive is what does not make them good husbands. She advised that it would be wise for ladies to only date bad boys and not marry them.

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