You are eating my left-over - Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo asks married women to tell husband’s sidechick (video)

You are eating my left-over - Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo asks married women to tell husband’s sidechick (video)

Nigeria pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo has set internet on fire after a video of her advising women not to cry when their husbands cheat on them hit the internet.

The video, which is a clip from a women's conference , was obviously aimed at empowering women and imploring them not to think the end has come when they find their partners cheating on them.

You are eating my left-over - Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo asks married women to tell husband’s sidechick (video)

Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo
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In the short video clip, the woman of God was heard saying:

'Why must you kill yourself because one stupid girl slept with your husband? Don't ever go and fight with the woman, infact, you should top up your dressing and make sure you walk in a way she will see you and let her know you are not bothered and then say 'Ajeku mi lonje', I'm not bothered.'

The video has garnered lots of reactions with a number of people not agreeing with the woman of God. See some reactions below:

hannydoll: after shouting they will still go and cry

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ipussimages: Toxic spirituality! (comment solely based on the portion of the clip provided) You are human and it will bother you because the promise and loyalty owed to you has been breached by someone you trusted. Feel, cry, and heal. Emotions are nothing to be ashamed of, even Jesus wept at some point (John 11:35) I'm by no means a pastor, but how can you then forgive if you don't acknowledge the wrong done to you. If you are not preaching to people to live a well rounded, healthy and prosperous life, close your bible and stop doing God a disservice.

4tunate_4tune: de wives should cheat too and let de husbands not be bothered. It's a 2 way thing

_edidi: This woman is going to ruin so many marriages

___bbecca__: They are screaming...let their husband cheat na...dey will run nd gan find d girl moreover instead of teaching women to not be bout u teach men to keep their junk in the trunk huh

treazyblaq: Statement like this is the reason men cheat cause women are expected to act they are not bothered!

onyeubanatu1: Dear Kings and Queens, I like the charismatic delivery but please while acting like you are not bothered, please also understand that acting like you are not bothered will not fix a fundamental problem in a relationship. Act unbothered by focusing less on the cheating factors, the pain of betrayal etc but please always trace root cause occurrence so as to avoid a re-occurance in the future. 'Walk in sense.'

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cruzzking: Lol... After shouting like this .. they’ll be crying in family meeting .. For the last time .. Men don’t cheat o.

_thefome: Not bothered that someone is sleeping with your husband.. This Nigerian preachers don’t have sense oo

senora_claire: The truth is bitter.... What she means is don't fight ur hubby's side chick.. Becareful of him and top up ur game what is it ur lacking..get spiced up.. Very simple.. Don't go around fighting that's not the way.. Preach on mama

Pastor Felix Adejumo is seen by many as a great woman of God, however, in recent times, she has started to face criticism for some of her teachings.

She has been in the news recently because of her stand on tithing and her costly requests from her congregation. She once requested for one million naira and another time, she requested for $1000 from them. recently reported that another pastor, Yomi Kasali, criticized her teachings and her frequent request for seeds from her subjects.

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