Dear men, if you don't like makeup, marry someone who doesn't like it either - Man advises

Dear men, if you don't like makeup, marry someone who doesn't like it either - Man advises

In Nigeria, many women often try to change themselves to fit the narrative of a good woman so as to get snatched by a man.

In other cases, some men seem to enjoy changing women from their ways after they start a relationship. Well, another Nigerian man identified on Facebook as Okolie Samuel has shared his opinion on the matter.

According to him, men should go for their specification and stop trying to change adult women who are already set in their ways.

He explained that some men do not like ladies wearing trousers and makeup but they go for them anyway and try to change their ways later.

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Speaking further, he advised men to marry their size and stop trying to force change on people.

Okolie wrote: "You don't like a woman wearing trouser or makeup but instead of you to go and marry the lady that doesn't use such, you will go and marry the lady that can't do without trouser or makeup and then force her to stop wearing them, Bro is like something is wrong with you?
You don't like makeup, marry someone that doesn't like it either. They plenty.
You don't like a woman wearing trouser, marry a woman that doesn't like wearing trouser either. There are many of them.
Don't go and marry an innocent woman that wears her skirt that's doing environmental sanitation as she is walking along the road and then wants or forces her to start wearing trouser or makeup, bro why na? That's wickedness!
If you are a witch, marry your fellow witch.
If you are a demon, marry your fellow demon. Don't go and marry an angel, there will be war.
Marry your size and kind and everyone will be happy. Stop trying to force change on people."

This is an interesting assertion.

Meanwhile, reported that Nigerian comedian, Igodye, has given reasons why Nigerian men are not romantic.

According to him, husbands and lovers living in these parts have way too many expenses to cater for. Igodye specifically listed out all the loads and baggage he thinks are preventing African men from showing too much affection. In his very long list, he mentioned such expenses as school fees, house rents, electricity bills, feeding of family and the likes.

He also added that men face more love-crippling problems in African countries. Some of the challenges he listed are unemployment, armed robbery, bank loans, demonic attacks and so much more.

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