Meet woman with no arms who is flying plane with her feet

Meet woman with no arms who is flying plane with her feet

Arizona-born Jessica Cox describes herself on her Facebook profile as the first arm less pilot who believes in a future where people passionately pursue their dreams with resilience to overcome any challenge.

Since she was born without arms, Jessica became fascinated by the limitless ways the human body can adjust to a variety of circumstances and as a result, she developed passion to fly a plane but with her feet.

"I utilized dormant physical traits to adapt and use my feet the way people use their hands. As I learned to conquer physical barriers, I developed mental skills that allowed me to go on to achieve the seemingly impossible in my own, unique way," she said on her bio.

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Jessica Cox.

Jessica Cox inside the cockpit. She is first the arm less pilot. Photo: Jessica Cox/Facebook.

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Her journey to inspire generations did not come easily as people often told she could not do something because she had no fore limb but all these only motivated her to push even further.

“Being the first person to do this is pretty incredible, but I wanted to do this because it was about conquering my fear,” she told KTVK News.

The 36-year-old motivational speaker hopes to use her physical state to change the world and inspire those living with disability through building authentic confidence in them despite daily challenges.

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Meanwhile, an American woman from Houston, Texas, who was born without arms and knees, is set to say her vows to her dream man. The parents of 30-year-old woman were told that she would not make it to her 18th birthday.

The 30-year-old identified a Jlissa Austin stands at three feet four inches tall. She is a businesswoman running a weave company.

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