Opinion: Tribute to my late dad Chief J.O.A Shittu former deputy governor of Kwara state

Opinion: Tribute to my late dad Chief J.O.A Shittu former deputy governor of Kwara state

Editor's note: Ibitoye Shittu, a son of a former deputy governor of Kwara state, late Jimoh Shittu, after 24-years.

Ibitoye said the Shittu family have not recovered from the pain the demise of Chief Jimoh even as his best friend, late Olusola Saraki abandoned his wives and children.

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On Tuesday, May 16, 1995, the family of Anibilowo Shittu in Ile Asalofa compound of Offa was thrown into deep mourning and devastating mood following the shocking death of their son Chief J.O.A Shittu.

Twenty-four years after, many members of the family have not recovered from the pain the demise of Jimoh Shittu caused the family.

A renowned lawyer of repute, Late Chief J.O.A Shittu was the only son of his mother as his mum died the day she wanted to give birth to another child.

Opinion: Tribute to my late dad Chief J.O.A Shittu former deputy governor of Kwara state

Chief Jimoh Shittu died on Tuesday, May 16, 1995
Source: UGC

But despite been the only child from his mother, Jimoh Shittu grew up to become one of the best lawyers of his generation considering his achievements which can never be over emphasized.

On that faithful day he traveled to the journey of no return to paradise, he just came back from Saudi Arabia and was in Abuja trying to make another trip to his home town in which he never knew that his corpse would be sent to his family.

At 59, he died leaving wives and children in pains and agony, but the mercy of God has been sustaining his family since his painful death.

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Before his death, Chief Jimoh Shittu was known to be a man of the people considering how he used to help which paved ways for him to become a deputy governor during Adamu Attah Regime.

But despite the number of friends who used to bombard his house on a daily basis, no one care to ask about the welfare of his children and wives since he died till today.

One man who can never do without seeing Jimoh Shittu in a day when he was alive was Chief Olusola Saraki, but he abandoned wives and children of his best friend after his demise.

Today, two of them are presently in front of Allah, and scores must have been settled between them.

And where are the remaining friends who used to stay in his house from morning till night? I am sure my Dad would be shaking his head in heaven if he can read this that he opened his hearts to enemies who pretended to be his friends then.

Today, I remember you although I was young when you died, but I would never forget the biscuit you used to give me when you were alive.

If any death ever had meaning in this world, then it would be that of my late father.

Daddy, the family you left behind still mourn your death till today and always, but who are we to question the authority of Allah.

We know you had many good things in mind you wanted to do for your children and family before death took you away suddenly, but God who created you has been helping us since the day you left because none of your entourages cared to help us.

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Dear father, I really can't tell when, but I know definitely that one day, we will meet again where we shall part no more

Two among your children Taiye and Kehinde Shittu are already in heaven with you, and I'm sure they are getting the best care with you in Paradise.

Although Kehinde had died long ago, Taiye recently died of depression and we tried our best to save her life, but all efforts were futile.

Daddy, in tears I want to tell you that we miss you because we would not have gone through pains and labor if you were alive.

Continue to rest among the resting fathers Daddy.

Your son Ibitoye Shittu

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