Internet users react to lady claiming good men stand by their unfaithful wives

Internet users react to lady claiming good men stand by their unfaithful wives

In Africa, men no doubt get away with a lot of things including cheating but the same cannot be said for women.

Well, a lady identified on Twitter as Sihle Bolani (@MsSihleBolani) seems to have shaken social media with her tweet regarding how unfaithful women should be treated by their men.

Sihle had reacted to the report of a man whose wife got pregnant for another man and wanted him to pretend to be the father. In her reaction, she tweeted that a good man stands by his wife and does not allow the devil tear his family apart.

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She tweeted: "A good man stands by his wife and doesn’t let the devil tear apart his family. Bro man needs to be reminded that husbands must persevere. It doesn’t make sense now, but in time, it will. His character needed to be put to the test to develop his faith. Hallelujah "

As expected, internet users had several interesting things to say about her tweet. A number ladies seemed to agree with Sihle's tweet as a few of them even added that the man needs to fast and pray as well as look for ways to impress his wife so she stops being unfaithful.

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However, some men did not seem to agree with Sihle as they believe such a marriage should be annulled.

Interesting argument.

In other news, reported that a cheating wife decided to go into hiding after her husband and her lover fought over who fathered her child.

While a marriage is supposed to comprise of two individuals willing to spend the rest of their lives together, it appears there are people who just love to eat their cake and have it and this is clearly reflected in the story of a woman identified as Mrs. Feyintola Babalola.

The lady who has since gone into hiding following the birth of her child, has left two men; her husband, Mr. Babalola and her lover, Abiodun Ibrahim in a messy paternal battle over her newborn. According to reports, she had been involved in a love affair with the two men without neither of them knowing about the love triangle.

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