All about The Retail Leaders Conference 2019 (6th edition)
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All about The Retail Leaders Conference 2019 (6th edition)

The sixth edition of The Retail Leaders Conference, TRLC 2019 seeks to explore the Nigeria retail industry and deep implications for retail leaders of the shifts in social structures, consumer behaviour and preferences, the aggressively growing competition from nimble new market entrants, rising e-commerce trends, and more appreciation and use of technology that are revolutionizing the way people shop, what they buy and how they live.

All about The Retail Leaders Conference 2019 (6th edition)

Since 2015 when we started “The Future of Retail in Nigeria” series, one of the key lessons we've learnt is that nobody can drive to the future on cruise control. This is because the future involves a series of shifts, and only by accepting these shifts and doing something about them will we stand any chance of success and survival into the future.

At this conference, we urged retail leader to take a 10-year view of the Nigeria retail industry, and in particular their retail enterprise, with a view future proofing it while maximizing emerging growth opportunities.

This conference, a continuation of the series is about helping retail leaders to rethink the future, and by implication the actions they need to take now in other to secure a firm place of respectable growth, relevance and leadership in the future.

It will equip participants with unique insights to create the right balance between success today and sustainable growth for the future, confront the dynamic realities in the retail ecosystem, shift their focus from only protecting what they have today, to creating what they want/need to become, and adopt solutions to set retail on the journey to a prosperous and fun-filled future year 2025 and beyond.

The future of the Nigeria retail industry is constantly evolving and may seem uncertain, but it is exciting and profitable for those who start to adapt now, and very exciting for those who will embrace the catalyst and the game-changers!

ABOUT – The Retail Leaders Conference (TRLC)

The Retail Leaders Conference (TRLC) now in its 6th edition, is Nigeria's preeminent gathering of Retail Thought and Practice Leaders. It is an annual conference that leads the Retail Industry in charting the preferred transformation path and in proffering practical solutions to the challenges and opportunities of the operating environment; and importantly how to drive sustainable growth for the Industry.

TRLC is a one-day exciting conference hosted in the beautiful serene of Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria. Annually, it draws about 200 Business Owners, CEOs and other Senior Executives from Retail, Manufacturing, Banks & Other Financial Institutions, Telecommunication as well as Service providers to retail and Government including participation from some Foreign Missions in Nigeria such as USA, France and South Africa and international from the U.K.

TRLC started in 2014. It is convened annually by Bervidson Group


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