Cheating should not be a deal breaker in relationships - Twitter user says

Cheating should not be a deal breaker in relationships - Twitter user says

- A Twitter user has taken to the medium to explain why cheating should be allowed

- According to him, its re-occurrence has proven that monogamy is a flawed concept

- He went on to state that the society encourages cheating by romanticizing the idea of being a bad boy

For many people, cheating in relationships isn't a good thing and is one of the fastest ways to destroy a perfectly good relationship. This particular Twitter user however, seems to believe otherwise.

Identified as @iamhotyce on Twitter, he gave a detailed explanation as to why cheating in relationships shouldn't be a deal breaker but rather should be embraced by both parties.

He wrote: "I really don’t understand why a chick would leave a guy because he cheated like why???! There are certain vices that are synonymous with guys and chicks just don’t get it...I’ll admit it hits differently when the chick cheats though....but again why leave cos he cheated?

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You have to understand that we live in a sexist and misogynistic society, like it or not most of the things we do fuel this way of life, from entertainment to upbringing to the basis of our relationships.

"Good boys always carry last, nice guys never get the girls, you have to be a bad boy to get the lady’s attention (being a Yoruba demon is so much fun) and the sad thing is ladies also encourage this behavior and this is because that’s what they are being thought.

A man has to dominate and quite often than not nice guys don’t fit this construct) But this doesn’t justify cheating, the reoccurrence of cheating just shows that monogamy is a flawed concept"

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"But our society is giving men a pass on cheating because of the idea of ‘It’s a mans world’ which has been passed on from generations (which I think is stupid btw). I seriously feel cheating shouldn’t be a deal breaker, in fact it should be embraced by both parties, so if you love your partner, don’t cage them, love them freely and give them an avenue to express."

Meanwhile, a man identified as Chiekezi Dozie on Twitter, has got many people talking after he took to the platform to send a message to a jealous boyfriend who called him to rudely confront him about having his number stored in the girlfriend's phone.

Responding to the boyfriend, he wrote:"To the young man who called me 35 mins ago rudely asking me what my number was doing on his girlfriends phone I only have one thing to say to you..”until you put a ring on her finger, we are all shareholders...what should be worrying you is whether you’re majority or a minority."

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