Sanusi thought I wanted his job - Cecilia Ibru

Sanusi thought I wanted his job - Cecilia Ibru

- Cecilia Ibru said she accepted a plea-bargain during he coourt travails so she could get it over with

- The managing director of the defunct Oceanic Bank said she was not guilt of the charges

- Ibru noted that part of the cause of her problem was Sanusi thinking she wanted his job

Cecilia Ibru who was the managing director of the defunct Oceanic bank has claimed that she had problem with Sanusi Lamido Sanusi who served as governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria because he thought she wanted his job.

In an interview with The Punch, Cecilia said she wasn't interested in Sanusi's job at the time as she was taking care of her ill husband.

She said: "He (Sanusi) thought I wanted his job but I didn’t. I was offered the position, but I said no."

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Asked why she declined, she said: "My husband was sick and I needed to be with him. That was the reason, and I didn’t think much about it anymore. I was planning to retire in March of the following year to go and stay with my husband. When he (Sanusi) was appointed, I congratulated him. He even told me at that time they had not given him a letter and I told him not to worry that it would come. So, these are some of the things you live through that make you stronger. Sometimes you feel hit but you have to let go.

Asked if she felt betrayed by her close associates about her court and sentencing issue, Cecilia said: "I won’t say betrayal, including (Lamido) Sanusi (the then Governor of the Central Bank) himself, but people that I thought would come and help me did not do so. However, God raised other people to help me. Back then when I was in office, if I was at home, you wouldn’t find a parking space in my compound; it was always filled with cars and people who wanted one favour or the other from the bank. But after that episode, everywhere became empty.

"One day, a man came to visit me at home and when he was going, there were no security personnel or driver. So, he asked what happened to them and I said the bank had withdrawn all of them on the order of Sanusi. They withdrew everything. He said that wasn’t good. The man asked me what it would cost me to put in place some security measures and I said about N1m. He said I was a popular personality and I couldn’t go around without some form of protection. He paid that N1m every month until I went to London. And when I got there, I informed him I had travelled. I can’t forget that kind of a person, and guess what, he is a Muslim."

She said she took the plea-bargain deal not because she was guilty but because it was the right thing to do at the time.

She said: "You see, when they offered me plea bargain as the way out, many people said I shouldn’t take it. Many of my pastors even said don’t accept it, fight it till the end, but I just told them I was fed up already. I was tired of the whole thing. I thought to myself that why should I be fighting with my whole heart when there was an alternative, even though not a nice one; pleading that you are guilty when you know that you are not. You are pleading as if you are guilty and you are agreeing with whatever they wanted when you know you didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t easy; my husband was sick and I didn’t want to be sick too. So, I decided to do what I had to do so I could be able to function. That was it."

Meanwhile, the Kano State High Court has granted an order restraining Governor Abdullahi Ganduje from implementing the establishment of four more emirates

The governor had signed a bill into law on Wednesday, May 8 which created additional first class emirates.

The move has been perceived as an attempt by Governor Ganduje to reduce the power of Emir Lamido Sanusi and curb his influence. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better.

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