Should a lady get married after youth service or pursue a career? - Nigerians react

Should a lady get married after youth service or pursue a career? - Nigerians react

In Africa, education is now highly rated and so is marriage. For many ladies in Nigeria, their achievements are not appreciated if they are single.

However, enlightenment has given people a different opinion about marriage as compared to building a career.

The age long argument about which is ideal for a lady after her youth service between getting married and pursuing a career has made create a poll to determine people’s opinions on the subject.

Our readers on Twitter are of the opinion that a lady should pursue a career after NYSC. 55% voted for career while 45% are of the opinion that she should get married.

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A similar thing obtained on Facebook with 59% voting in favour of a career while 41% voted for her to get married.

From these results, we can see that the gap is really close. Some of the voters took to the comment section to explain the reason for their choice.

See some comments below:

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Meanwhile previously shared Nigerian's opinions on the relationship between true love and money.

When it comes to matters of love, most men and women have different expectations. It has become a widely accepted assumption that no woman would like to be in a relationship without money while men are often of the opinion that women should be able to stay with them regardless of their financial capability.

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