Powergas Nigeria speaks on alternative power solution for south-east Nigeria
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Powergas Nigeria speaks on alternative power solution for south-east Nigeria

Early last week, Powergas Nigeria joined Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), key industry champions & other experts in Nigeria’s gas sector, to look at innovative ways in confronting the epileptic power situation in the region.

Manufacturers in that region will continue to bleed billions of Naira if the lingering poor power situation in the country is not addressed immediately by looking into commercially viable alternative solutions to the erratic power experience by manufacturers, even with their use of back-up diesel generators.

Their assertions came during the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi Branches’ exclusive business Forum for Managing Directors and CEOs held in Enugu recently.

Powergas Nigeria speaks on alternative power solution for south-east Nigeria

L-R: Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, Powergas Nigeria, Mr. Pulak Sen; Manufacturers Association of Nigeria’s (MAN), Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi Branch Consultant, Mr. Ijeoma Ezeasor; Branch Chairman, MAN, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi State Branch, Pharmacist Anietom ChuziIgweobi; Executive Director, Century Power Generation Limited, Dr. Chukwueloka Umeh and Director of Sales and Strategy, Powergas Nigeria, Mr Sumeet Singh at the MAN, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi Branch Exclusive Business Forum for Managing Directors and CEOs held in Enugu.

Speaking at the forum, the director of sales, Powergas Nigeria, Mr Sumeet Singh reiterated manufacturers on the need to migrate from the use of imported diesel fuel to domestically available Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel, which is more cost-efficient and safer to handle.

It would be difficult to put an exact figure to the loss incurred daily by manufacturers. Energy is the driving force of any economy; economies do not grow as expected when there is an immense shortfall in the supply of energy. This is why manufacturers in Nigeria need to embrace the use of natural gas which is not only a cleaner fuel but more efficient and profitable for production requirements.”

Sumeet highlighted that: “Powergas provides a complete solution across the gas-based Energy value chain. We provide the gas, the gas generator/equipment along with operations & maintenance through our Group company Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited. Before now, most CNG users had to depend on pipeline gas for supply and when there is none, the production process is affected due to using diesel fuel or relying on our national grid. To tackle this and guarantee an uninterrupted supply flow, we now have virtual gas pipelines as well as gas plants next to existing gas field for consistent, easy and quick access to quality gas by our customers.

Speaking further on the need for manufacturers to switch to gas for power generation, Sumeet said that natural gas, apart from being more economically efficient, is also a ‘clean’ fuel. It puts a stop to financial loss experienced by manufacturers due to the high costs of polluting the environment, high cost of maintenance of these generators as well as high cost of the diesel fuel itself. These cost savings which will enhance the survival and growth of industries and the economy.

Also speaking at the event, the Branch Chairman, MAN Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi State Branch, Pharmacist Anietom ChuziIgweobi stated that the forum was an avenue to dialogue and network on ways of getting alternative power for manufacturers. “It is no secret that the South Western region has access to alternative sources of power such as Piped Natural Gas. Tapping into this resource enables us compete more favourably in the market, gives us a choice between national grid electricity and natural gas, and I can tell you authoritatively that gas is more reliable which then becomes a cheaper energy mix for factories.”


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