If clubs can be soundproofed, why can't churches and mosques? - Man queries, Nigerians react

If clubs can be soundproofed, why can't churches and mosques? - Man queries, Nigerians react

Nigeria is a very religious country and an average citizen does not joke with spiritual matters. Some people do not even mind being in their place of worship from Sunday to Sunday hoping for breakthrough rather than being proactive.

Well, it is no longer news that some religious organisations constitute a nuisance in the environment with their frequent and loud services.

A young Nigerian man identified as Wale Adetona (@iSlimfit) on Twitter has wondered why churches and mosques cannot be soundproofed just like clubs so as to reduce their growing disturbance.

He tweeted: “If clubs can be soundproofed, why can't churches and mosques? To reduce the growing disturbance of numerous vigils by the ever-increasing religious houses, especially churches? Before anyone abuses my father, I am a Christian, and yes, Jesus died for our sins.”

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Adetona's tweet gained the attention of many Twitter users and they took to sharing their opinions on the issue.

A number of them agreed with the young man's tweet while others shared the negative experiences with loud religious organisations close to their homes.

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Nawa o.

In other news, Legit.ng reported that the police raided Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Malaysia during a vigil due to disturbance.

The church members of the Malaysian RCCG parish were tagged as trouble makers, or better put, noise makers after they took to organising a vigil in the area.

This did not seem to go down well with the neighbours living in the area and it would seem like they called the cops on them. Quite a number of the church members took to their heels. But about six people were arrested by the police. This came after they raided the building.

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