The young shall grow: 7 photos of top Nigerian politicians during the good old days

The young shall grow: 7 photos of top Nigerian politicians during the good old days

In Nigeria, politicians are usually deemed to be old and well stricken in years. A dmittedly, these political giants were once young, spritely and energetic. In fact, while they pursued their dreams of freeing Nigeria and taking over its democratic reins, they lived their lives the way every young fellow would.

For one, dead political legends like Nnamdi Azikwe, Ahmadu Bello and Awolowo achieved great things as young studs. They played sports, accomplished some athletic feats and mingled.

Others also got married and rapported well with their wives. It is surprising that the same politicians we know today in Nigeria rocked their world during their younger years.

In light of this, presents photos of a number of these politicians when they were young. In these pictures, the political gurus we know can be seen to have gone through several phases while growing up and getting groomed for the future.

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1. Young Nnamdi Azikwe attempting to represent his country in a running event.

2. Ahmadu Bello playing cricket in his heydays

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3. Ayo Fayose posing with his wife and playing the role of a perfect gentleman. One cannot help but notice his swaggy attire.

4. Yemi Osinbajo looking at his beautiful wife with love on their wedding day. Indeed, when a man loves a woman, everything else has to wait.

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5. Babatunde Fashola looking cute as ever as a child. Without doubt, he retained his face and demeanour.

6. Yakubu Gowon dining at a student cafeteria in the UK.

7. Yakubu Gowon with his beautiful family

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Recently, shared rare photos of old school professionals from the 1960s. They sure looked very different from those of these days. ( -> We keep evolving to serve our readers better.

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