Ali Baba shares story of pensioner duped of her life savings by Yahoo boy

Ali Baba shares story of pensioner duped of her life savings by Yahoo boy

- Nigerian ace comedian, Ali Baba has taken to social media to narrate a tragic story of a yahoo victim

- According to him, the woman was duped of all her retirements benefits by internet fraudsters and died as a result of the shock

- He shared the story in order to justify his anti-yahoo beliefs

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba, has given many social media users food for thought with his recent post concerning internet fraudsters popularly known as yahoo boys.

The comedian who has received major criticisms from people for condemning yahoo, appears unbothered by it. He recently took to social media to share a story of a pensioner who died of shock after internet fraudsters cleared her entire retirement benefits.

He wrote: "Someone I respect very much called me to ask why many people were saying nasty stuff about me online. And I said, Egbon, those people don't count in the equation of things. I told him to go through the comments and open the pages of those saying such nasty things he referred to. Many of them don't deserve anyone's response. They are criminals and should be treated as such.

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"I then told him why I posted the video. Mrs Nnodi had been a health worker for 34 years. When she retired in 2012, she decided to retire to Enugu. She worked all her life in Lagos and raised her 3 kids and her sister's 2 children, all by herself. Her husband passed in 1988 and because she had nothing to fall back on, After the husband's family descended on her and her children. They took everything. So she went to the nursing school, on Awolowo Road. She now has 3 graduates, 2 PhD holders.

"She pursued her retirement benefits, and decided to buy a bakery, in Enugu from the owner who was relocating to Canada, so she could continue to keep the place running and providing jobs for all who worked there. Who would have been jobless. February, 2019, her accumulated pensions came to a tidy sum. She approached the owners of the bakery, and agreed on payments. The owners, agreed too, that because it's a family property, they will not sell, but she would help keep the place running and providing them a place when they visit Nigeria.

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"You can then imagine, that all her pensions that she intended to use to tidy up the bakery deal, had been cleaned out. And the yahoo boy, who did it bought a Benz C class, rented an apartment and was living large. Long story short, she had a stroke and was hospitalised for about 1 months and discharged. She passed on few days later. When I posted the video, I was bitter. Now I am soooo upset at all those who even think the economy warrants such criminality. Is Mrs Nnodi the government? Is she the reason there is no job? So her pensions of over 30yrs is for you lifestyle? Are the cars, rent and Laulau what you would have used your own hard earned money for? You think it's ok to blow 30yrs plus hard work on a lifestyle? A thief is a thief. Period."

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Meanwhile, Nigerian singer Naira Marley has always made it known that he is one of those who believe internet fraud is not a crime.

The singer has been in the news for sharing his thoughts on this. In a recent live video he recorded on Instagram, the singer urged Nigerians to pray for Yahoo boys rather than berate them.

He noted that Yahoo boys make their money go round. Marley further expressed that Yahoo boys are the reason why some Nigerians have money to spend because they make money circulate.

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