Lady gets scared after cab driver tells her he knows her husband, children and dog’s name

Lady gets scared after cab driver tells her he knows her husband, children and dog’s name

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share a rather peculiar encounter with a taxi driver which left her feeling scared.

With the coming of the social media age, making friends as well as locating people has become very easy. While many people seem to enjoy this, not everyone shares the enthusiasm.

One of such persons is a lady identified as @hembabubba on Twitter. She recently took to the platform to recount how she got picked up by an Uber driver who during the trip, revealed he knew her husband, her children's name and even her dog.

She narrated: "So.. Uber driver picks me up from my address, first thing he says after pleasantries is "I know your husband"... I think, that's ok, then he says "I know your dog" ... Like that wasn't creepy enough, he knows my car, colour etc and then tells me where my children go to school

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"I used the word "creepy" when my dog was mentioned, imagine how I went after the children were mentioned?! Nice guy, apparently lives around the area I do; but this is why I rather drive myself, traffic & shiii, but I'm taking back my keys! There's nothing I hate like familiarity"

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"We get to destination and he asks if this is where I work polite no mean extra questions. I know in this new age we follow each other on SM & know the most about each other as much as we put out, but that's under our control - I don't like this "mobile social media", naa naa naa

"All I can think about is "now he has my number... Jesus! Kai... This new world is too new! Sigh!!!"

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See some reactions below:

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