Lady recounts how she dealt with stingy man who gave her N3000 to prepare soup

Lady recounts how she dealt with stingy man who gave her N3000 to prepare soup

Nigerian men have been described by some as the most loving and caring while others describe them as the most unromantic bunch. However, this obviously boils down to individual experiences.

A young Nigerian lady identified as Arike Ade on Facebook shared her negative experience with a male acquaintance on the social networking site.

According to her, she does not normally cook or random guys, but she happened to help a guy prepare soup after he had asked.

She continued that the said guy gave her the sum of N3000 to prepare egusi soup as well as stew.

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She wrote: “Anyways, this dude asked me to help him cook Egusi soup and gave me 2k. Plus transportation.
When I was about leaving to the Market, he added 1k and said I should cook stew too..
I got to the market and ended up spending 4k plus tfare.”

However, rather than appreciating Arike’s effort, the dude proceeded to inspecting everything she had bought including asking for the price of each item. According to the lady, the guy felt he was being cheated.

"I used chicken and beef.
Now, guy had stove. And I am used to gas already. So the cooking was really stressful.
Next thing, guy came into the kitchen and started inspecting everything I bought.
And asking the price. Down to Maggi.
'How much chicken? How much meat.? How much oil. How much groundnut oil.You didn't price this meat well? Is this two cups of Egusi? Looks kinda small.
All these he said with a tone that suggested I probably was trying to cheat him.
On top my stress and extra one thousand I added.
Not like we are even that close like that or you're even paying me.
I didn't say anything o.

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Obviously not impressed with the guy’s move, Arinke decided to punish him. The young lady explained that after cooking, she packed the soup and stew inside plastic bowls and nylons and she gave the guy his N3000 with an extra N500 for using his kerosene and his kitchen.

"When I finished, I took plastic plates and packed the food inside. Both soup and stew. Put it inside nylon.
Went to the room and gave him 3500 and went home with the food.
The 500 extra was for his plates and kerosine and kitchen space I used.
Dude sent me a text that I was a wicked girl and i lacked training and I don't have the patience to keep a man
E concern me?

See her post below:

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