Facebook redesign 2019: new look and concept

Facebook redesign 2019: new look and concept

The Facebook authorities plan to change the concept of the website and applications. The social network administration announced this at the F8 conference in California. Changes will deal with almost everything.

Facebook redesign 2019

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The new layout and features of the social network will start to appear in the mobile application, and the site will be updated within a few months.

Facebook new look

The redesign, code-named FB5, will be one of the largest in the 15-year history of the project. They will be the following:

  • New interface
  • An easier way to find and connect groups
  • Meet New Friends option
  • An opportunity to ship marketplace items
  • A new events tab
  • New Messenger features
  • Safety

Unlike past updates, Facebook designers will remove the blue dash menu, which has persisted despite all changes to the social networking site and applications, starting with the first version released in 2004. They said the following:

We just announced a fresh, new design for Facebook that makes communities as central as friends. FB5 is simpler, faster, more immersive and makes it easier to find what you're looking for and get to your most-used features.

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The new interface will emphasise on light colours. The top menu will turn white, and the blue colour will remain only in the logo, icons and some links. The page structure will not change significantly so that a user will see the menu with groups and applications inside Facebook on the left, the news feed in the centre, and its contacts as well as the search menu for new groups on the right. As you can see, the latter ones will be the focus of this update. They even will have a place in the main menu.

Facebook new look

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The CEO believes that this approach will allow users to find interesting groups and interact with them more easily. At the same time, the social network promises an individual approach to communities of different directions. For example, medical communities will have an opportunity to ask questions and publish posts incognito, while on the employee search pages of a company, they will receive new templates for posting vacancies. Also, applicants will be able to communicate with them more easily and send their resumes directly through Facebook.

Another innovation in the social network is the Meet New Friends option. It allows you to find new friends with common interests or from nearby communities, for example, such as a school, university, work, district or city. In this case, the option is voluntary, so any user has to indicate in the options if he or she is open to finding new friends.

There will be an opportunity to ship marketplace items, and Mark Zuckerberg said this about the feature:

People will soon be able to ship Marketplace items anywhere in the continental US and pay for their purchases directly on Facebook. For sellers this means reaching more buyers and getting paid securely, and for buyers this means shopping more items — near or far.

He also said a couple of words about the new events tab:

This summer we’re introducing the new Events tab so you can see what’s happening around you, get recommendations, discover local businesses, and coordinate with friends to make plans to get together.
Facebook changes

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Various changes will affect all company products, including Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp. Companies will be allowed to open businesses catalogues of their products on WhatsApp. Instagram changed the design and functionality of the video and image shooting section. Also, in the application, users will be allowed to collect money for charity and will have the ability to shop from creators.

The alternative will be the changed Messenger. Now, it will work faster. It will also be possible to view videos with interlocutors and listen to music jointly as well as easier to connect with close friends and with potential customers. Besides, the company has developed a separate Messenger app for computers (for Windows and MacOS), and it will be more convenient for IOS users, but it is still being tested. This change will be released later this year.

Facebook concept

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The changes in Facebook will centre around the interface, and they finally plan to solve problems with privacy, as well as the spread of fake news, because of which the social network has fallen into scandals in the past. Do you like the upcoming changes? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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