Streamer Brittany Venti bio: age, real name, boyfriend, arrest

Streamer Brittany Venti bio: age, real name, boyfriend, arrest

Who is Brittany Venti? Get acquainted with the young lady who continually plays computer games. It is time to discover the juiciest details from Brittany Venti bio.

Brittany Venti
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Nowadays, people manage to earn money using the most unusual ways. At the same time, some of them become mega popular on the internet. Meet one of these persons — Brittany Venti. The lady has gained popularity and earns her living by playing computer games on popular internet platforms such as Twitch (website for gamers) and YouTube.

Brittany Venti profile summary

  • Full name: Brittany Venti (Brittany Dier)
  • Date of birth: 21st of September, 1997
  • Place of residence: New York City, the United States
  • Occupation: gamer, live streamer, Internet star
  • Ethnicity: mixed

For today Brittany Venti age is 21 years old. She is a pretty young lady with beautiful shapes. The fans of her live streams can always see Brittany Venti hot curves, especially always open décolleté. By the way, Brittany Venti real name is Brittany Dier. Her parents are Americans. Currently, the gamer lives in New York.

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How does she capture the attention of internet public? The secret is ingeniously simple! The internet star plays computer games in the live stream. She became a ‘victim’ of 4Chan internet trolls. 4Chan is a network of online forums where people exchange comments and other information without creating an account.

Brittany Venti real name
Image:, @brittanyventi
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Brittany calls herself a satirical streamer. The young lady runs her gaming ethers very emotionally and attracts the attention of internet users. The gamer can even burst into tears live. Some people mock and scoff at her emotions, her speech, comments, and even spelling. We are not sure if the streamer intentionally makes spelling mistakes or she does not know how to spell. However, this fact only stirs the interest of trolls and ordinary users to her person.

In 4Chan, the young lady is also vigorously discussed feeling free to expressions and comments. Such controversial popularity helps the streamer to earn decent money on her videos. It is interesting to many people what the gamer will do this or that time and how she will be poured and trolled for it.

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Brittany Venti bio
Image:, @brittanyventi
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In fairness, some of the internet star's videos are on the verge of a foul! She also allows herself to comment and act as insulting one or another group of users. Twitch more than once banned her for that.

Brittany Venti arrest

On the 1st of May, 2017, an unpleasant incident occurred with our internet star. Brittany Venti was arrested at Union Square, New York. At that time, there was an action ran by the left-wing radical movement Antifa. In the same place, the gamer participated in other action directed against Antifa and filmed her next stream about that occasion. Representatives of the radical left movement were aggressively set up and attacked their opponents. Brittany also suffered. Police intervened in the incident, and the pretty lady was taken to the police station. True to say, after clarifying the circumstances, she was released.

Brittany Venti boyfriend

Around the same time, Brittany met her future boyfriend. His name was Mason Saga. The guy began to appear in her streams under the nickname 4chad but without success. The young lady fans did not want to see some guy next to their internet star, and the ratings of her live streams began to fall. Her videos turned out not so funny. The gamer realised it and gradually removed the boyfriend from her streams while he ceased to appear in her videos. Mason Saga tried to shoot his videos, but they were not appreciated by the audience. The couple lived together for ten months and then broke up.

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Venti streamer
Image:, @brittanyventi
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The lady understood that she did not need a boyfriend to have success with internet viewers. In any case, it is not necessary to show any boyfriend to her fans. To date, most probably the internet star has no boyfriend or does not show him to the public.

Brittany Venti found her place in the sun. The pretty lady was able to turn her hobby into a source of making money. At the same time, she became very popular among gamers and habitués of various online communities and social networks.

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