Nigerian bride discovers foam inside her cake on wedding day (video)

Nigerian bride discovers foam inside her cake on wedding day (video)

Weddings are big events all over the world, but in Nigeria it is a more special occasion going by the amount of planning that goes into it.

Nigerian weddings are often interesting occasions and they can also be unforgettable considering the funny things that happen at some wedding parties. has come across the story of a young bride who got foam from a baker who was supposed to make her wedding cake.

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Nigerian bride discovers foam inside her cake on her wedding day (video)

Nigerian bride discovers foam inside her cake on her wedding day (video)
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According to the report, the bride had paid the sum of N50,000 for a wedding cake but the biggest layer of the cake turned out to be Styrofoam.

The discovery was made when friends of the bride tried to cut the cake but the knife was unable to penetrate. They eventually had to remove the icing only to discover foam under it.

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See the video below:

After the video of the foam cake went viral, some Nigerians shared their opinion about the situation. Some people explained that it was normal for bakers to present a dummy cake based on agreement with the client, others felt N50,000 is a cheap amount for a wedding cake and the bride deserved what she got. See some comments below:

dpotterscatering: It's a dummy cake now. The other tiers will be cakes while the lower tier is a dummy. The celebrant knows about it
thechefajfoodhub: I believe the bride is aware,or do people think all those plenty tiers of cake are real all thru?if u have 10 tiers,only 4 might be's not a sin,it's based on agreement periodt!
anniehaircollection: Nobody should come with “50k is too small for a wedding cake”. They both agreed on the price for a cake and not a Foam.
o_tony: Now this is something you need to know. Most wedding cake are expensive. But if you wanna pay small amount and get the expensive presentation, most designers use form as the base to give it that wedding look.
bitcoin_chief: There is always a hidden cost for Cheap Things
priscy_lilty: 50k is enough for a wedding cake, all depends on what you ordered for.... But i agree some wedding cakes are just camouflage with decoration.

Nawa o.

In other news, reported on the white wedding of media personality Eku Edewor's mom and her new husband.

Beautiful and talented Nigerian media personality Eku Edewor shared photos from the white wedding of her mom who recently got married for the third time.

According to a previous post by the media personality, her mom and dad had a beautiful marriage but they went their separate ways.

Her mom went on to marry her first stepdad Peter Thomas but he died 10 years ago, 15 years after they got married. However a few years ago, her mom met Doctor Victor Izegbu, a man they all have fallen in love with.

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