Tragus piercing: a guide to pain, cost, healing, and aftercare

Tragus piercing: a guide to pain, cost, healing, and aftercare

Most people regard the tragus as a no go zone. Several individuals do not have any piercings on their body. The irony is some people cannot withstand any part of their body not having a perforation. Among all the piercings one can have on their body, the tragus piercing is one of the most intriguing.

Tragus piercing

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In this article, you will get to familiarise with one of the most popular subjects in the fashion world today. The theme revolves around the tragus piercing. We will give you an in-depth insight into the tragus ear piercings, their cost, their healing, aftercare, and finally give you a guide to pain.

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The ear tragus

The tragus may sound like a fancy name. It is not a name that you can quickly know what it represents or signifies at the first mention. Due to this, most people are always left speechless if you are telling them you have a tragus piercing. They would understand the pricking part but wonder what part of the body this is. The term refers to a small pointed elevation of the external ear.

Tragus Piercing

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The small eminence is at the front of the concha and projected backwards over the meatus. If you are wondering what the concha or the meatus mean, these are also parts of the ear. It faces rearwards to help an individual to collect any sounds that emanate from behind. However, sounds from the tragus are delayed compared to those acquired from the front. The delay aids the brain to sense front vs rear sound sources.

What is a tragus piercing?

The most trending pricking of all time is the tragus piercings. Although most individuals believe that they portray the rebellious side of a person, most people pierce them due to the fun nature they reveal in a person. They are fascinating and make an individual stand out from the crowd with perforations on their ear lobes. Since there is a current trend to match lobe earrings, the helix earrings, and the tragus piercings, they have become ten times popular.

Tragus ear piercings refer to the perforation of the tragus. The prick instantly projects to the front of the ear canal. The projection of the perforation is the substantial reason the aperture allows an individual to wear their jewellery. One key thing to note for those planning on getting these perforations is that they are made with a small gauge hollow needle and not the typical piercing gun.

Tragus piercing pain

There is a notion amongst most individuals that these burst through are the most painful type of perforations one can ever get. The truth of the matter is individuals have a different pain threshold. Similarly, individuals have different ways of feeling and describing their pain. What may be painful to one may be a tingly feeling to another. A person may also regard a minor prick as very painful whereas another call extreme pain a prick.

You may encounter an individual saying the lobe earrings are painful, yet considers the helix piercings as tingly. The pain one says they feel during these operations depends on their interpretation of what they regard as painful or not. It also depends on the amounts of pain one is exposed to and what they can withstand. Most people with these types of marks do, however, acknowledge that they are not painful.

Tragus piercing pain

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The statement concurs with the fact that since only a considerable amount of nerve endings in the tragus get pricked, they are not very painful. What most may consider sore is the soreness that may occur once after the prick. The tragus pain is joint due to the perforation. However, with a proper guide on how to clean and treat it, the pain eventually dies off.

Tragus piercing healing

For tragus piercing pain to heal well, the subject is required to take complete care of the pierced area. This part of the ear is no exception. For it to improve, there are certain "dos" and "don'ts" that one must know.

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Aftercare and a guide to pain

To begin with, avoid sleeping on the perforation. Sleeping during the drilling may result in more pain and soreness. Also, avoid knocking this section of the ear using either your hand or an object. One must keep away from introducing foreign bodies in their ears, which may irritate or infect the piercing. Ladies ought to hold their hair to avoid it from getting caught in the burst through the process, which may result in more pain during its removal.

Unlike the lobe earrings where one is told to always rotate the piercings for fast healing, one should not do that for the ear piercings. Instead, wash the piercings with a saline solution. Continue to clean the area until the burst through heals. Avoid harsh cleaners such as hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, or rubbing alcohol. All these cleaners have a substantial effect which may damage and agitate the penetration. They will also make the healing process to be extra slow.

Tragus piercing benefits

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A well-taken care of perforation mark on this part of the ear will take between three and six months to heal completely. However, some may take up to 12 months to fully cure depending on the self-care routine.

Tragus piercing for migraines

Many people wonder if the tragus piercing migraine cure can be a fact and not a notion. Migraine pain is one of the most uncomfortable types of pain an individual can experience. The intense pain one feels in their head leaves one increasingly sensitive to the slightest kind of noise and light.

The thought of even using these considered painful piercings to help relieve migraine pain is ironic. Scientists are busy trying to prove how and if the penetrations can relive the migraine pain. There is limited knowledge regarding the tragus piercing benefits. Majority of the scientists believe that these perforations do more harm than good. In case you are looking forward to getting this part of the ear pricked, I would prefer it if you went ahead and first laid out all the pros and cons.

Tragus piercing cost

Do you want to have this fashionable piercing yet lack the knowledge of how much it would cost? Well, the price of the stylish penetrations depends on a piercer, and the jewellery one wants to rock. In case ta piercer has a lot of experience in his or her work, the cost will differ from that of an amateur piercer.

The fresh tragus piercing is a mark of the fun nature of an individual. Models and celebrities are embracing these marks, making fans to adore them even more. Since there are cute and refreshing ear piercings designs, most people ought to have the penetrations. If you are looking for the trendy thing in town today, then this type of piercing is the best thing for you!

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