You look like a malnourished Somalian refugee - Denrele Edun reveals he was rejected initially as a model

You look like a malnourished Somalian refugee - Denrele Edun reveals he was rejected initially as a model

- Nigerian media personality and model, Denrele Edun has taken to social media to share some of the challenges he faced in the fashion industry

- According to his post, his breakthrough in the industry didn't come easy as he didn't possess the physical qualities of a model most designers wanted to work with

- He spoke about one of such experiences he had with a designer as he shared a throwback photo

Many Nigerians across the country are familiar with the effervescent cross-dresser identified as Denrele Edun. His big hair, made up face and ginormous heels are not lost on people.

However, not so many are familiar with the challenges he faced on his way towards becoming one of Nigeria's most influential personalities. In a recent post on Instagram in which he shared a throwback photo of himself, he opened up about the trials he faced when he started pursuing a modeling career.

He wrote: "1999. Shola Creative Studios, SuruLere. An (Androgynous) Male Model has to be psychologically strong; there's a lot of rejection! In the spirit of FashionWeek, allow me dig out my dusty portfolios and throwback my first ever professional modeling shot!

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Despite d disgusted looks from passers by, I walked with my defiant confidence to d local bus-stop to board a Molue that'll take me to another Designer's showroom. I had developed a knack for appearing at Fashion Designer showrooms and their houses to present my pictures & my overwhelming personality. All in a bid to convince them to walk in their shows.

Mind you; I was the shortest, skinniest Male Model at that time, but that didn't deter me. The Hustle was real! I got to a designer's house and saw a cluster of top models. They all burst into laughter when I walked past but then, who cared? Sighting a familiar face, I ran up to her and was told fittings had begun. In my usual bravado, i saw the designer & walked up to him.

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Moment i introduced myself & my intentions, he stared me down and asked, "Are you a Refugee?". "No Sir, but I'm the model with a unique look who'll love to walk for u," I threw back confidently. He looked me up and down and said, "U can never walk on my runway. U look like a malnourished Somalian refugee", and with that he faced his tailors & continued giving directives. "I'll wait in d Showroom Sir, till u'r ready to fit me", I answered bk & walked in to the reception.

This designer actually hissed & went in. Came out, dismissed all d other models without me noticing and left the building. Wit all d bravado I could muster, I waited for an agonizing 12 hours. I was scared to go get something to eat cos i didn't want to miss his entrance. At bout 11pm, he strolled in wit some other models. They obviously had finished a shoot & he seemed to be in a light mood. Seein my chance, I walked up to him.

This time, he lost his cool.But that didnt stop me from walking his show weeks after.He refused to pay me & not only was I stranded but had to walk from V/I to Yaba wher Vigilantes made me frog jump on the express! The Designer? We're friends till date! Why? Denrele get clean mind!"

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See post below:

Recall a while back, the eccentric media personality revealed how his matriculation day became a day of shame for him.

Denrele revealed how he was made to wait for several hours before he was auditioned only to be told that he is 'talentless' and can't make it in the entertainment industry. The now popular media personality claimed he cried walking all the way from Ikeja to Yaba.

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