Kind trolley pusher gives elderly man lift after noticing his struggle

Kind trolley pusher gives elderly man lift after noticing his struggle

In a world where it seems like it's every man for himself, witnessing a kind act is so rare, it often touches those who see it deeply, all the way to the core.

Today, it is a very rare occurrence for one to give a fellow person free food, services or other things. People seem preoccupied with their own worries and problems and ignorant of the suffering of others.

However, a young Nairobi cart pusher recently proved otherwise after sparing his time to help an elderly man who was struggling to move around in the busy streets.

As the story goes, the cart pusher usually makes a living by carrying luggage for people at a fee.

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Nairobi: Kind trolley pusher gives lift to elderly man after noticing him struggling to walk
The trolley pusher carried the elderly man to the bus stop he wanted to go to. Photo: UGC

However, on this particular day, the young lad decided to put the thought of money and business aside and jumped to the rescue of the elderly man moving from the point he was to where he was supposed to board a bus to his destination.

Just like he usually carries luggage on his cart, the man carried the old man and made sure he reached the bus stop he intended to get to.

Well, his good deeds were recorded by a random Kenyan who was moved, and who also shared the same on social media.

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''His work is strictly carrying luggage for a fee in the CBD but couldn't watch this old man suffer. He carried him on his trolley through the streets to where the old man was bound to board a matatu. Such acts should not go unrecognised. Kudos!'' one Patooh Gichini shared.

Countless Kenyans thronged social media networks to congratulate the young cart pusher for his good deed.

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