How to tell if salmon is done

How to tell if salmon is done

As fish becomes ready faster than meat, it is very easy to overcook it. Thus, the question “How to tell if salmon is done?” is really acute. Luckily, we know two proven methods that will allow you to cook it to the condition you love the most.

How to tell if salmon is done
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The two methods we will talk about are applicable for any way of preparing salmon. Whether you fry, bake, or poach it, you will get the fish you like if you follow our advice.

How to tell if salmon is done: verified methods

First of all, you need to decide what level of readiness of the fish you want to achieve: rare, medium rare, or well-done. When you have made up your mind, it becomes easy to answer the question “How to tell when salmon is done?” You just need to follow one of our two proven ways of deciding “When is salmon done?”

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How do you know when salmon is done? Method 1

The first method is based on the appearance of the fish you are cooking. If you aim for sashimi-like fish, you need to make sure that your piece stays bright and translucent red or pink. Otherwise, follow these steps to make sure your fish is done:

  1. Take a close look at your salmon. Its bright and translucent red or pink colour on the outside should be replaced by the opaque one.
  2. The piece of fish should be firm to the touch. If you press it with a knife or a fork, it should begin flaking.
  3. Use a knife to pierce the fish through the thickest part. Peek inside. The middle of the flesh should be a little bit translucent. If it is as opaque as the outside of the piece, you have overcooked it.

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How to know when salmon is cooked? Method 2

How to know when salmon is cooked
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To use the second method for answering the question “How to tell if salmon is cooked?”, you need to possess a cooking thermometer, as it is based on the temperature of the piece you are preparing. Inject the thermometer into the thickest part of the fish and read the temperature it shows:

  • If your piece’s temperature is up to 110F, then it is almost raw.
  • The reading of 110-125F means that the fish has reached the state of being medium rare.
  • If you see the figures of 125-140F, you may want to stop cooking the fish as it is closing on the medium/well-done state.
  • If the temperature of your piece has reached 140F or even higher, stop cooking the fish immediately as it has begun to dry out.

Thus, there are two ways to get the answer for the “How to tell if salmon is done?” question. The first method is universal, as you do not need any additional devices to determine the readiness of your dish. The second method may prevent you from overcooking your salmon if you use the thermometer often enough. No matter what way you choose, they both work. Bon appétit!

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