Top 4 trending videos you have to check out on Legit TV this week

Top 4 trending videos you have to check out on Legit TV this week

It is another fantastic weekend where Legit TV serves you with top trending videos of the week. These videos were the most talked about videos in Nigeria over the past seven days.

This week, we have the heartbreaking story of a bereaved woman who claimed her husband was killed by a Nigerian police officer. Also Nigerians cry out for help over the unrest in Zamfara state.

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Below are top five videos of the week:

1. How a police officer took my husband’s life - Bereaved woman laments:

Ada Jumbo, wife of the NSCDC personnel killed in the Nyanya area of Abuja in March 2019. She revealed also how her husband’s life was wasted by the security personnel. The bereaved is seeking justice and she is saying her husband’s killer must not go unpunished.

2. Buhari should put an end to banditry, unrest in Zamfara - Nigerians cry:

In this video, Nigerian citizens are calling on the government to put in place effective measures to stop the incessant killings and other criminal activities in the state, especially Zamfara.

3. Is Nigeria truly the 6th most miserable country in the world?:

Nigerians recently reacted to the report of the country being the sixth most miserable country in the world. While some agreed to the ranking, others disagreed stating that even though things are bad, it is not so bad that the country will be listed as one of the most miserable in the world.

4. I need a job to feed my family - Father of four:

In this video, this man stated that he does not agree that Nigeria is the sixth most miserable country in the world even though he has been unable to get a job to fend for his family.

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Source: Legit Nigeria

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