Nigerian man Alexander Thandi Ubani labels Daddy Freeze a con artist who makes money through trickery

Nigerian man Alexander Thandi Ubani labels Daddy Freeze a con artist who makes money through trickery

- A Nigerian man has written an open letter to Daddy Freeze, describing him an a con artist

- According to the man identified as Alexander Thandi Ubani, the OAP does not practice what he preaches

- He went on to the state that Freeze makes his money through trickery as he illegally collects money from artistes before playing their songs on air

It is no news that Nigerian controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze, has made a lot of enemies , especially people in Nigerian churches due to his constant verbal attacks on Nigerian religious leaders.

In a recent post on social media, a Nigerian man identified as Alexander Thandi Ubani, has written a not-so-nice open letter to the OAP and he spared no words in relaying how he feels about Freeze.

According to Ubani, Daddy Freeze is nothing but a 'a con artist, a greedy punk that makes money through trickery as he reportedly charges musicians huge sums just to play their music on air; something which is against the rules of the radio station he works for.

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Nigerian man Alexander Thandi Ubani labels Daddy Freeze a con artist who makes money through trickery

Alexander Thandi Ubani labeled Daddy Freeze a con artist
Source: Facebook

Ubani made these allegations following an encounter a friend of his had with the #FreeTheShepple leader.

"My friend, a musician recounted his ordeal in the hands of Daddy Freeze to me. He was forced to jettison the idea of having his song played on Daddy Freeze's radio station due to the exorbitant amount he charged his team. This is even as a large inscription on the wall of the building prohibits OAPs from charging money to play songs. How ironic! The worst is that he doesn't charge what up and coming musicians can afford; his greed makes him to go for very high figures, all for his evil pocket."

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Ubani in his letter, claims that Freeze justified collecting money from artistes under the guise of 'consultancy' after he was called out on Twitter.

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He went on to tag Daddy Freeze a hypocrite who accuses pastors of robbing their congregants yet does same.

"Daddy Freeze is the true definition of hypocrisy. Here is a man who rips artistes apart with dubious charges but jacks off on a daily basis by attacking the clergy at every given opportunity.

It is the height of foolery and hypocrisy that a man who dubiously siphons money from artistes in the name of playing their songs on air (which is totally against the rule of the station where he works) will have the effrontery to cast aspersions on clergymen who ask their members to pay tithe - an obligation gotten from the scriptures.

Here is a cheat who hides under the guise of consultancy to extort money from people, still open his mouth to preach the word of God on a daily basis. You teach people about the gospel, but your life is the exact opposite of what you preach. I consider such to be an act of sheer iberiberism (apologies to Rochas Okorocha)."

Daddy Freeze however, is yet to comment on the allegations.

A while back, the on-air personality, took to his Instagram page to advise some couples to seek divorce in some cases. According to the OAP, divorce is inevitable in some cases even though some people have taught us otherwise. He also added that they have been teaching traditions of men and not Christianity.

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