Top 10 trending Amakye Dede songs

Top 10 trending Amakye Dede songs

If you have ever been to Ghana, you might have heard at least one of Amakye Dede songs. For those people who do not know who Amakye Dede is, we made a podcast of his top 10 trending songs to let you get to know his unique vibe and breathing life of his music.

Amakye Dede songs
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At first, we would like to say a few words about the singer. Amakye Dede is the most famous Ghanaian musician, who is considered as one of the best highlife music (Ghanaian genre of music-oriented in the early 20th century, which has rhythm and melody of Akan music but is played with western instruments) performer. Also, Amakye is known as “Iron Boy” (for one of his songs that has a similar name), “the highlife maestro” and “Abrantie (Gentleman in English). He made a great contribution to the culture of his country and music history. For the last years, the singer has no new releases, as he has his own business, the artist owns a bar called “Abrantee Spot”, where live performances of the various bands take place.

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Amakye Dede songs

Check the list of the top trending Amakye Dede songs and feel the vibe of the “Ghanaian Mozart”.

Iron Boy

The first song is among our top chart is called “Iron Boy”. It is an opening track of the album with the similar title name. The album release was on 29th of June 1998.

This track found a high appreciation because it was a new experimental style of the artist, you can feel the devotion of the author to highlife and his love for Ghana. This tune was always performed at the Dede concerts, and the crowd was singing the song with the maestro in unison. The melody, lyrics and performance are fascinating. You should definitely listen to this song to penetrate the atmosphere of the Abrantie.

Bebrebe Yi

The second song in our chart is called Bebrebe Yi. This song is the first record of the album that is also called Bebrebe Yi (in English “to hug Yi”). It has a soft highlife tune and lyrics which can impress you at once. Listen to it and enjoy the combination of Ghanaian folk and pop music. This track cannot leave anybody indifferent. Even on YouTube, you can find this kind of maestro creation, this track is well known, the proof of that fact is more than 600K views on YouTube. The composition is licensed by 1 Music Right Societies and Merlin Africori.

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Akwadaa Wesoa

The next song is “Akwadaa Wesoa”. This record is from the Dede album “Me Fre Wo”. The album “Me Fre Wo” consists of six original songs and three remixes. “Akwadaa Wesoa” is licensed by Merlin Africori. Now you have an opportunity to listen to all the albums (the total number is 20) of the highlife maestro on various music platforms, because the legacy of the artist was added to the most famous platforms on July 2015. YouTube, the posted tune has more than 2k likes and 400k views.

Akoko Bebon

The next song we picked is an old one, but it is still prevalent even in our times! The track is called “Akoko Bebon” and belongs to the album “Nea Obre Na Odi”. In the album, maestro mentions a word combination “A Big Stuff” to describe the atmosphere of the album. As for the tracks-collection, it consisted of five records and was added on Google Music, Spotify and iTunes in 2015. The album is licensed by Merlin Africori and has 100 thousand views on YouTube.

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The track we decided to add to our top list next is called “Krokrome”. “Krokro Me” is a main and a title song of the Dede album that is also named “Krokro Me”. The exquisite tune and words will soothe your soul after a tough day.

The album includes six compositions and one remixed one. The video clip gathered more than 300k likes and 300k views on YouTube.

Su Fre Wo Nyame

Dede everlasting hit is among our top, and it is called “Sufre Wo Nyame”. The track is from the already mentioned album “Bebrebe Yi”. The record is trendy in Ghana, if you find the video clip on YouTube, check the comments, people love it! We think it cannot leave anybody without the smallest impression, mood raising effect. The track has a lot of views, likes on various music platforms and YouTube channels. So, if you have not heard it yet, you must do it right now!

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Dabi Dabi

Dabi Dabi is the name of the next Abrantie’s composition! The track belongs to the album called “Dabi Dabi Ebeye Yie”. Dabi Dabi is the concept record of the album. The album consists of nine tracks. Everything including unordinary tune is in style of the Maestro!

Yeyi Wo Baabo Ko Baabi

Yeyi Wo Baabo Ko Baabi is an Amakye composition from the album called „The King of Hi-Music” which includes ten old songs which you can find on the internet. The album met high appreciation of the listeners, the evidence of it is the number of downloads and views.

Odo Ho Akyire Noa

“Odo Ho Akyire Noa” is another record from the already mentioned album “Krokro Me”. It is considered as the dance hit of Ghana. The song has a video directed by Terry B.O. and is released under the Kaakyire Music label. You need to download this track and listen to it!

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The last but not the least is the song “Handkerchief”. The old track of the greatest pioneer of highlife music is still popular among the young generation. It is a combination of melody and soul of the artist. The hit is from the “Abrantee” album, and it first appeared on the world web in 2015 but won popularity among people at once. This song is available on any platform.

Amakey Dede is a great man, whose legacy will last for many generations. We are sure that you will love Amakey Dede songs. Listen to the music of the artist, raise your mood and be happy!

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