Nigerian man alleges some Kannywood actresses are in romantic relationships with women

Nigerian man alleges some Kannywood actresses are in romantic relationships with women

- A Nigerian man has taken to Facebook to accuse some Hausa actresses of waywardness and promiscuity

- According to Auwal Mustapha Imam many of these actresses afford an expensive lifestyle for their negative ways

- Auwal added that some of these stars only advertise themselves through movies and are in romantic relationships with other women and rich men

The Nigerian film industry particularly the English and Yoruba speaking part of it has been trailed with several unsavoury reports regarding their actresses.

A number of the actresses seem to live a luxurious lifestyle compared to their male counterparts and this has made people shine the spotlight on their means of income.

Well, it seems the rot is also present in the Hausa industry and a Nigerian man has taken to Facebook to accuse Kannywood actresses of waywardness and being in romantic relationships with other women.

According to Auwal Mustapha Imam, many of these actresses only use movies as a cover up for how they really get their money and also to advertise themselves for people who can sponsor their life style.

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Auwal added that these actresses are a disgrace to Hausa culture and would only corrupt young people with their way of life.

He wrote: “What we are seeing now is a total disgrace to the image of Hausa culture they claim they represent and Islamic tradition they came from. They spoil children's training instead of teaching virtues, norms and values they ought to. It is true most of them are promiscuous. We know what it takes a lady to start acting in Hausa movies. They have to give themselves out to producers and directors, at most times, to even the person introducing them into the industry. They enslave and exploit the girls in the name of what they call 'kan ta waye', meaning 'before she get exposed'. A person introducing them exploit them sexually first because he knows he won't be able to get them once their customers set eyes on them, She will one day be richer than even him.

Explaining further, Auwal alleged that some of these actresses are engaged in same sex relationships as a result of their association with the film industry.

"The fact that some of them are even lesbians is true. I know a hotel in Zaria they visit and stay throughout some weekends. A friend once went there to drop a parcel for one of them, and unfortunately he saw a girl he know inside a room with some of them almost naked robbing and romancing each other and at the same time taking syrups and other drugs. The girl is now a professional lesbian in Zaria, recruiting many young girls into the act courtesy of her association with Kannywood actresses."

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Auwal also waded into the controversy between two Hausa actresses, Amina Amal and Hadiza Gabon. Amina seemed to hint that Hadiza liked to be perceived as a good person to the public despite having skeletons in her cupboard.

To the issue between the actresses, Auwal said:

"What happened recently between Hadiza Gabon and Amina Amal is further revealing what they really are and what they stand to represent; promiscuity. Gabon has the gut to confess that Amal approached her with demands but she refused. What made Amal to have feelings for her is another question, but one can't visit a market he knows a certain commodity can't be found in. But the fact remain, most of them are promiscuous and lack morality to be celebrities to our children. This is the reason responsible Kano people rejected padded proposal by Abdulmumini Jibrin to establish a film village in Kano, which would eventually turn recruitment center for prostitutes and harlots, or even gay advocacy center in the name of entertainment. Is left for parents to monitor who becomes their children's role model."

See Auwal's full post below:

Nawa o.

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