Opinion: Youths, the bringers of change that will never come

Opinion: Youths, the bringers of change that will never come

Editor's note: Before the last general elections, hopes were raised that youths would make a difference but the reality later dawned on many Nigerians that the youths have not gathered the needed political experience to upstage the old politicians.

In an article sent to Legit.ng, a Facebook user, Anslem Jeze, lamented poor outing of some young candidates in the last elections.

I, who was once a core believer that the youths are the hope of the future, just like Mandela, the removal of suffering and the ones to bring joy and laughter to the faces many Nigerians.

Months leading up to the elections, hope spread its wings around our nation- people started dreaming like they have never dreamt before, I dreamt too, dreams of victory, I thought I could see cloud of change gathering in the sky, not knowing it was tears of our woes that gathered- the weeping of no succour insight.

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Some many promises were made, promises that resurrected dead hopes in the graveyard of the underneath part of our belly. First, it was not too young to run bill, a bill they say would chase away the old brains and their obsolete ideas and enthrone the young with revolutionary and progressive ideas.

After few obstacles, the wall of Jericho blocking the signing of the bill fell but as we were rejoicing in this little success, primaries of the major parties slapped us with the reality.

Those within the corridor of power that supported the movement did to advance their political career and to turn their blackish nature to white in a serpent like style in the faces of the youths- non of them were courageous enough to wear a youth the ‘Agbada of candidacy.'

The chorus then moved to saying no to vote buying and ultimately the most qualified candidates wining the elections.

I was an ad-hoc staff in the last elections and the realities on the ground was played to me in 3D, the hypocrisy of men stripped naked- speaking from both sides of the mouth, what we practise is different from what we preach.

Elections in Nigeria are not decided by ingenuity but rather by the fattest purse, how much he/she is willing to let flow like a river, decided by ethnicity – the minority stand little or no chance because people over here are moved by sentiments ‘Dis wan na our own.’

Even if that their own is more idiotic than the greatest idiot ever known and the foolishness that resides in him breaks the highest volume of foolishness ever concentrated in one man, they would still vote for him.

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Religion play a major part in the electioneering process in this path too. In the last elections, this became so venomous, most people voted not because of antecedents but because their religious bodies supported that particular candidate.

The major issue that cast darkness on the last elections was the issue of thuggery, blood flowed in most paths of the nation, this heinous crimes were perpetrated by youths, the supposed saviour, just for a few cash and self interest, their heart turned into stones and their fellow beings now looked like goats before them.

Questions filled with sadness roamed about my heart like a homeless wanderer. What is the hope of the future when those that are supposed to lead us into it has become chief accomplice in destroying today?.

I learnt during the last elections that most youths in the political space are not there for revolutionary change but to feed their stomachs and pockets - ready to do anything to achieve this aim. Those that promised to help us take it back entered into an alliance with one of those they claim they wanted to rescue us from.

By the evidence of things, the hope in me fainted, hoping to be resuscitated, until then, I will guard my heart against dreaming- dreams of better days, for they as still far off, more far off than Australia.

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