How much is Dana White worth? UFC president salary, house, family life

How much is Dana White worth? UFC president salary, house, family life

Dana White as the president of the largest mixed martial arts organisation was not always a successful man. If we talk about his success story, this is one of the best examples of the execution of the "American dream". The executive was knocked out of the bottom and over the past 15 years was able to become one of the most influential figures in the world of martial arts. Read on to find out top facts about the UFC president and the answer to the question "How much is Dana White worth?"

Dana White
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The career of the president of UFC — Dana White developed rapidly. He popularised mixed martial arts in America, attracting famous fighters to the company. Rules were edited, and qualified judges were hired. UFC executive did a great job in the media.

The company got access to the cable channel SpikeTV, starting with UFC 33. In 2005, Dana organised The Ultimate Fighting (Absolute Fighter) — a tournament in the form of a reality show, which allowed many young fighters to express themselves and get into the UFC.

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In 2007, the UFC signed a contract with the famous company Pride, and in the same year, Pride ceased to exist. A year earlier, a merger with the WEC California promotion took place and UFC - has become the most popular organisation in the world of mixed martial arts. Today UFC president is one of the top figures in MMA, nevertheless how much is Dana White worth today?

How much is Dana White worth?

Dana White worth
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In 2005, Dana, together with his partners, Fertitta brothers, invented and launched on SpikeTV the reality show “The Ultimate Fighter” (cost of broadcasting $10 million), in which 16 fighters live in the same house and participate in fights, retiring after losing.

The prize for the strongest was a contract with the UFC plus $1 million. It was a real breakthrough to the masses: millions of viewers all over the world watched the final battle of Forrest Griffin and Stefan Bonnar. The UFC became a thriving organisation, and MMA appeared to be a trending sport.

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The president himself in 2005 was declared as the “Promoter of the Year” and won in this category every year until 2013, repeating the result in 2015-2016.

The executive net worth is mostly based on about 9% of Zuffa company shares, which was created by his friends and partners, Fertitta brothers. The company was established specifically to manage the entire UFC business.

dana white worth
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Since 2016, the UFC no longer belongs to the Fertitta brothers. The organisation was sold to the WME-IMG group of companies for $4 billion. White also received a percentage of the deal and increased his fortune, which now amounts to $500 million. The new UFC owners left White as president. The head of the organisation himself promised to spend a few more years at the helm, stating that with the UFC purchase “sport will come to a new level.”

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Over the years of hard work and dedication and passion, White eventually accumulated $500 million in the bank. Today, UFC president salary is about $20 million a year. Moreover, White donates a significant amount to the development of sports and athletes.

How old is Dana White?

how much is dana white worth
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UFC executive was born on June 28, 1969, in Connecticut, the city of Manchester. Two years after the birth of Dana, his family moved to hot Las Vegas. So, now he is 40 years old.

Dana White family

White's private life is not replete with scandals, because he tries not to advertise his private life. It is known that since 1996 he has been married to Anne White whom he met in high school. Dana White wife rarely appears in public. However, sometimes her photos with the spouse get to the network.

The couple has 3 children:

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  • Dana Jr. (son: born June 2001)
  • Aidan White (son: born July 2002)
  • Savannah White (daughter)

Obviously, UFC president indulges his kids and does not deny them anything. For example, he wanted Aidan’s birthday to surpass his 16-year-old eldest son Bday, Dana Jr., who had Kendrick Lamar playing at the celebration.

So, UFC president Dana White spent more than $ 1million on the birthday party of his youngest son. For a 16-year-old son, the head of UFC rented a Drai nightclub in Las Vegas and invited stars such as Migos, Everlast, DJ Carnage and A$AP Rocky.

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By the way, one of Dana’s sons — Aidan White, who is a copy of his father in his youth, in 2018 made his debut in professional boxing.

Relationship with mother

The UFC executive has a problematic relationship with his mother. In 2011, she wrote the book “Dana White, King of MMA”, in which she said that big money changed her son for the worse. At the same time, White's broad gestures are also known — helping sick children and deductions to charity.

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Dana White house

dana white net worth
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Dana White can afford to buy luxury property in Las Vegas. For six months, White acquired three mansions totalling $6.2 million. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, all three mansions are a stone’s throw away from each other and White’s first house. In 2006, Dana acquired a 6,000 square foot dwelling from Frank Fertitta's friend and UFC co-owner for 1.95 million dollars.

For many years, UFC executive has been the permanent president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. His biography is replete with numerous scandals and speculation of the yellow press. Nevertheless, this man is one of the most famous among mixed martial arts executive and has about 4,1 million subscribers on Instagram, that is why people are still interested in how much is Dana White worth today.

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