Latest Mr Eazi songs 2018-2019

Latest Mr Eazi songs 2018-2019

Have you listened to the latest Mr Eazi songs? If not, then you are missing out on a lot. The famous hitmaker is known for releasing excellent tunes that are entertaining. If you love to dance, then these songs will give you something to move your hips to.

Mr Eazi songs

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When you download Mr Eazi songs, chances are that you will not be bored. His tunes will keep you on your feet. They are in such a way that the style, vocals and beats are addictive. In fact, you will find yourself singing along.

Mr Eazi latest songs

Check out the following examples. The latest songs by Mr Eazi will make you sing and dance like a crazy. You will not be able to resist the desire to add the bangers to your playlist.

1. Surrender

Apart from the unique tune in this song, the funny video will have you glued to the screen as you watch the video to the end. You may find yourself hitting the replay button to listen to the simple yet hilarious video. The message is excellent especially if you have someone in your life that you can give up everything for. The animated video is dope and is one of the things that brings the music to life. Simi's excellent voice makes the video even more alluring. The over 4 million views for the video that was released in mid-November 2018 shows just how great the artists are.

2. Property

This is another excellent tune from the hit-maker released in June 2016. It has already garnered close to 6 million views on YouTube because of who Mr Eazi is. In addition to that, the vocals are on fleek, and the hot video is something to watch out for. The message is also enticing in the sense that the singer alludes to giving his girl all of his property if she is sticky around and follow him. Eazi is one of those artists that do not have to shout to be relevant or valid. This is probably one of the things that will always make him stand out.

3. Dabebi

Whether he sings alone or teams up with other fantastic artists, Eazi has a way of bringing the song home. This tune proves that when Nigeria and Ghana come together musically, nothing less of a fiery tune is expected. The collaboration between King Promise and Eazi proves this. With a perfectly done video to crown it all, you can be sure that nothing will be on the downside.

4. Miss You Bad

With Burna Boy coming on board as part of this hit, you can almost tell that the delivery will be nothing short of epic. The two artists bring it down like never before. This love tune expresses a longing desire for someone in your life and expresses how much you love them. The unique video, as always, makes it more captivating. You can dedicate this song to your lady, especially if you area apologising for treating her wrong.

5. Keys to The City

As one of Mr Eazi songs 2018, this is one tune that took the country by storm. The video in itself tells a story that is worth listening to. The narration is that of a politician that seems to have an effect on everyone, and in a positive manner. The video will have you laughing because of its hilarious nature.

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6. Pour Me Water

The jam may be from December 2017, but that does not make it any less relevant today. With over 8 million views on YouTube, it is easy to see that this one of those songs that have been loved and accepted widely. A true representation of African culture is what the video is.

7. Leg Over

Clearly, this is one of the best Eazi songs you will ever come across. The over 49 million views on YouTube for a song that is just 2 years old is proof enough. It is not only entertaining but also a show of great dance choreography. The club banger is one that is likely to remain ever-fresh even in years to come.

8. She Loves Me

This counts as Mr Eazi new song and is already a banger. Having been released in December 2018, the tune is still fresh off the studio. The animated version of the video is even more captivating as the simple effects will make you stay glued to the screen. The song expresses the feelings that people have when they are first in love. The roller-coaster of emotion is something else, and this hot video captures it perfectly. It is a very relate-able tune that is well deserving of the more than 3 million views it gets.

9. Forever

Singing with Eazzy in one of the latest Mr Eazi songs was a good idea. The tune has over 5 million views, yet it was released in May 2017. Whether it is because people love the artists, or it is because of the subject of love, one thing that is clear is that the jam is dope and worth saving. You will enjoy it when you want to have an easy evening, and even when you are looking for something to dance to.

10. Suffer Head

This 5-month-old jam has close to 2 million views because of the excellent tune and vibes the song comes with. The fact that he features 2baba is a plus. The combination of the legend in 2baba and the hitmaker in Eazi guarantees a masterpiece that this is.

If you are a fan of Mr Eazi songs, then you know that he is an excellent artist that comes up with nothing less than a masterpiece. Enjoy the trending videos and tunes as you await more hits from the genius artists.


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