Man reinstates father's land 23 years after taking law degree to protect the property

Man reinstates father's land 23 years after taking law degree to protect the property

Remember when you were a kid and you dreamed you could be anything? Anything and everything seemed possible but tables turned along the way.

Well, that was not the case for Kinyera Jordan who picked a career path at a tender age that would later see his father's wish fulfilled.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, April 1, to announce his achievement, Jordan could not hide his joy as he noted his decision to be a lawyer had granted his father justice after 23 years of waiting.

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He was only six-years-old when his father was sued following a land dispute in 1996 and the case was still in court.

He eventually graduated 18 years later and picked up his father's case and it was not long before judgement was delivered in his old man's favour. "In 1996, my dad got into a land dispute and was subsequently sued. I was six -years old at the time," said the lawyer.

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"I went through 18 years of education, became an advocate and took charge of the case. Today, judgment in the final appeal was delivered in his favor," he added.

While others congratulated him for the achievement, many thought it was just an April Fools Day prank and dismissed him.

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He however shared court papers indicating his father had won the case.

"Man, no amount of legal fees can ever bring you the kind of happiness that these small achievements bring," said Jordan.

Meanwhile, it is a known fact that age is nothing but a number when it comes to the list of things achievable in life. While some people would rather take their time with educational feats, this beautiful young lady thinks otherwise.

Identified as Joana on Twitter, she is currently being celebrated for securing four degrees before the young age of 22. She also celebrated being called to bar in two different jurisdictions.

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