Jake Paul net worth, house, age, height, girlfriend, wife

Jake Paul net worth, house, age, height, girlfriend, wife

What is Jake Paul net worth? This handsome young man is a popular internet sensation as well as a well-known actor. How did he become so rich so quickly? What are his secrets?

Jake Paul net worth, house, age, height, girlfriend, wife
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The modern world has no time to stop for a while. Moreover, it undergoes constant changes and brings new technologies. Smart devices become a particular magic wand that opens the door to wealth and fame. Jake Paul is not the exception. He is an excellent example of how to make money and gain popularity via the internet.

Jake Paul net worth, quick biofacts, and the juiciest details of his personal life

The world of media technologies has provided the most favourable conditions for the establishment of the new stars. One of them is J. Paul. He is a rapper, an actor, and a media personality in the USA. Moreover, he is the brother of another famous blogger who became famous under the nickname Vine star.

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The experience and skills of the older brother played a significant role in the future success of the young boy. Thus, the number of his current followers on YouTube has come over 11.6 million people. His channel brings millions of views per month as well as good money and fame. How much money does Jake Paul make via the internet? Do you know?

What is YouTuber Jake Paul net worth?

The internet can easily compete with any advertising company by the number of buyers and rates of sales. Smarter entrepreneurs went further and use bloggers to promote their goods, to advertise clothes, voice characters of cartoons, and act in the series.

The same goes for Jake Paul. He could not stay unnoticed. According to forbes.com, he occupies the second place (while his brother Logan is just on the 10th one) in the list of “Highest paid YouTube stars 2018”. Due to its data, the net worth of Jake Paul has already reached $21.5 million.

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What are the sources of the YouTuber’s income?

  1. The Disney Channel has noticed the young man and invited him to take part in the movie series “Bizaardvark,” performing the role of Dirk.
  2. The establishing of Team 10 by 2017 was the guy’s attempt to improve the management of influence onto the sphere of youth entertainment. Jake successfully did it by attracting some investors.
  3. In 2017, the media star made another surprise to his fans in cooperation with Team 10 – he releases the music video “It is everyday Bro.” However, it did not have the desired effect.
  4. Content and music production.

Several awards highlighted a great deal of activity of the media star. Among them are the following ones:

  • The Radio Disney Music Award (2017)
  • Choice Music Web Star
  • Teen Choice Awards

Sudden wealth is a particular benefit for the young man. It opened the doors to a luxurious life.

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One of its constituents is Jake Paul house. His current residence stands in Calabasas, in the area of California.

How did the story of the young star begin? What is the origin of his skills?

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How old is Jake Paul and what his height is?

The roots of Jake Joseph originate from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He comes from the family of Pamela Ann Stepnik and Gregory Allan Paul. Apart from the young YouTuber, his parents also gave birth to his older brother Logan.

When is Jake Paul birthday? – You will probably wish to know. The young man celebrates his birthday on January 17. He was born in 1997. As for now, Jake Paul age is 22 years.

While looking at the YouTube celebrity, one cannot miss asking the question “How tall is Jake Paul?” The thing is that any person standing next to him seems to be a tiny creature. The height of the media star is 183 centimetres.

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He is young, handsome, and wealthy. He seems to be a good match for any female celebrity. Is Jake Paul married? Then what is the name of Jake Paul wife?

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Who is Jake Paul girlfriend

Being famous, young and in a steady relationship seems to be a hard task for the new-age celebrities. There are always a lot of temptations a young couple could not get over to build their shared future.

The YouTuber is still not married. People noticed Jake with many girls, among which were:

  • Kelly Stewarts (2014)
  • Alissa Violent (June 2016 – February 2017)
  • Tessa Brooks (February 2017)

However, the most extended relationships he had were with the YouTube celebrity. The name of Jake Paul girlfriend was Erika Costell.

She worked as a secretary at Team 10. Up to the present, she has more than 4.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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The young people started dating in July 2017. All the fans were excited by their relationships and gave the couple the nickname “Jerika.”

However, the faith had other plans for these two. Bbc.com announced about their break up the next year, on November 8.

At first, there were no official explanations. However, a bit later, the blogger placed a post on Twitter, describing the reason for their decision.

Now, you can adequately answer the question, “What is the origin of Jake Paul net worth?” As you can see, the usage of mobile applications, uploading videos and images may turn into a profitable business if you know how to use them in the right way.

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