Nigerian man shares how his pregnancy and birth were rejected by his father

Nigerian man shares how his pregnancy and birth were rejected by his father

A 26-year-old Nigerian man has taken to social media to share his story. The young man who is celebrating his birthday this Tuesday, April 2, narrated how his father abandoned him as a child the day he was born.

The young man has shared his story in a long post shared on Instagram. He shared the post with a photo of a letter he said his maternal grandparents wrote to his paternal grandparents and his father.

On the post, the 26-year-old identified as Abiodun Daniels revealed that he was born at Comfort Nursing Home in Oshodi area of Lagos state.

According to him, his mother, Musa Oluwakemi, was excited to hold him in her arms, but his father fled before he was even born. Daniels noted that his mother was rejected and alone when she delivered him.

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Daniels further expressed that while everyone celebrate their birthdays with photo shoots, he chose to celebrate with proof that his father abandoned him.

The young man, who shared the photo of an old letter, stated that the letter was what his maternal grandfather wrote to my paternal grandfather to take up responsibility for his grandson.

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He said despite being rejected by his father, he is strong and better without the approval of his paternal family.

Read post below:

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"Today, I am twenty-six years old, but I want to share a story with you.

:"The story of a pregnancy rejected. The untoward story of a boy whose only solace was his mother's bosom. It is my story.

"Twenty-six years ago today, I was born at Comfort Nursing home in Oshodi. My Mom; Musa Oluwakemi was happy at the sight of the new flesh she brought to life. I breathed my first air, and not oblivious of the new surrounding I found myself in, I cried, like every new born will. But that cry, I now know, is a pleasant 'word' to my mom. The very one they expect to hear from the new soul who has just taken on flesh. She loved the cry.

"My mom, not alone in her world anymore was glad to behold and held me in her arms. Her cry reassured me that I was in safe hands though the surrounding was unwelcoming at first. I looked the guest who welcomed me in the eye and saw nothing but joy. She took me all by herself to that point. She was alone and rejected, but never stopped nurturing the soul she took in to her being. Her other 'accomplice' fled and never looked back. No, he didn't flee from this world. He was very much alive, agile and strong. But he wasn't ready to share this space, mother Earth, with his new guest, one that came off his spine.

"Whilst other people celebrate their birthday with new photo shoots and all, I choose to celebrate mine with this scan. The scan that shows the proof of my unwelcomeness in the world. The scan that validated my fears at first that this new surrounding is harsh till I fell on Momma's arms.The scan that shows that Bayo Shodiya; the one who donated the sp3rm that made me, was never ready nor happy to birth a soul to life. I was the rejected boy. That rejected blood that never came haunting but came through. The rejected one who now becomes the chief cornerstone.This is my story.

"Now I share with you the letter my maternal grandfather wrote to my paternal grandfather to take up responsibility for his son in discharging me and my mom from the hospital and to inform them about the supposedly good news of my birth.But you know what happened? They never came! But here I am today, stronger and better,still without their approval."

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