7 elderly men taught by 25-year-old Islamic teacher complete learning of Quran

7 elderly men taught by 25-year-old Islamic teacher complete learning of Quran

A prominent politician, Alhaji Bala Bello Tinka, on Saturday, March 30, completed the learning and recitation of the Muslim scripture, the Holy Qur'an, also known as Khatma in norther part of Nigeria.

Tinka, who is also a business mogul and philanthropist, reached the mileage with six other classmates at the age of 51, Daily Trust reports.

Legit.ng gathers that other celebrants include; a 50-year-old civil servant, Sadisu Magaji, Aminu Ahmed, 48 a tailor, Ahmad Abdulkadir Tsada, 56 tailor, Muhammad Maigana 58 artisan, Engineer Mohammed Musa.

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The youngest student in the class is a 39-year-old artisan, Muhammad Abba Pantami.

According to report, Tinka and his classmates, amid tight schedules, broke all walls of impossibility to begin a journey to the completion of the Qur'an.

Malam Dahir Al’amin, the celebrants' tutor, disclosed that the journey started four years ago. He praised Tinka and his friends for their dedication, adding that they could now read the holy book without obstruction.

He said: “The class started four years ago when Tinka and his friends invited me to teach them the Qur’an.

''When we started some of them could not even read the Arabic alphabet, but with dedication and their commitment they can now read each verse in the Qur’an perfectly.

“Being elderly people with tight schedules, the process was slow at the beginning but with time they got used to it, from a verse per day we improved to half a page and later upgraded to a complete page.''

Al'amin, who is a 25-year-old bachelor, further added: “I was 22 when we started the class in 2015 but there was a never a time they disrespected me because of my age. They accorded me same respect as other students below my age have been giving me in other schools.

''Today is the first time I witnessed elderly students completing the recitation of the glorious Qur’an.

“I believe this will encourage other people to follow their footsteps, especially the youths who spend most of their time roaming the streets or arguing over unimportant matters at joints.”

Tinka, who mastermind of the Qur’anic class, said the Walima was organised not as a show-off but rather to show that age is not a limitation to knowledge.

He said: “This event (Walima) was purposely organised to encourage others especially elderly people to follow suit and start such classes in their respective houses or enrol in Islamic classes.

“There were challenges on my part being a frequent traveller, but what kept me going till the end despite our tight schedules is the fear of Allah and the fact that this worldly life is temporary and whatever wealth we have in this life is useless if we failed to achieve greatness in the hereafter.”

One of the celebrants, Maigana, described the journey as interesting and also taxing considering his age. He, however, added that he was able to complete the journey with dedication and determination.

He said: “At the beginning it was challenging because of my advanced age and the daily struggle to meet the family obligations. But Alhamdulillah I was able to conquer all these and my next target is to memorize the Qur’an.”

Report said it was a fanfare and moment of celebration as people trooped en mass to the house of the celebrants.

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously that Sheikh Ahmad Sulaiman, a popular northern Qur’anic reciter from Kano state, had been released by his kidnappers days after his abduction was announced.

His release was confirmed by Malam Muhammad Kabir, who spoke on behalf of the family.

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