Mom accuses Abuja school of murdering her baby and trying to cover it up

Mom accuses Abuja school of murdering her baby and trying to cover it up

Losing a loved one is a very touching and painful experience. However, it is more painful if the person lost is a minor who died under questionable circumstances. has gathered the report of a six-month-old baby, Michelle Onoja, who died under strange circumstances at her day care in Abuja.

According to a the child's mother Rebecca Onoja's statement which was shared on Facebook by Nigerian lawyer, Ocholi Ojonimi Okutepa, the unfortunate event happened on January 11, 2019. Michelle was registered at Britmax International School, Lokogoma Abuja.

On the said date, the child was taken to the day care facility at about 8am and she was reportedly hale and hearty when she was dropped off.

At some minutes after two in the afternoon, Rebecca called the school nanny to inquire about her child’s welfare so she could go and pick her up but the call was not picked.

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The statement further explained that the mother later received a call from the school’s secretary’s number where she was told to come to the school. The mother got to the day care and saw some people praying over her child. She asked what happened but did not get an answer.

"When she got there, she saw about 5 women and 2 praying over Michelle in the bed and asked what the matter was but nobody was giving her any response."

Michelle's mother later discovered blood stains on her nose as well as food particles in her hair and decided to rush her to the hospital.

"When Mummy Michelle carried her, she noticed blood stains on her nose and food particles around her hair and nostrils. She became seriously agitated and wondered what could have resulted to the blood stains on her daughters body but She tried s*cking out whatever was the blockage but realized that the best thing was to rush her to the hospital. At the point of entering the car, one of the persons around whom she later understood was the school accountant made a remark that is it not hospital they just returned from, she was shocked and asked him “what did you say “ and he refused to speak further, on hearing this it dawned on the mother that the school had earlier taken her daughter to the hospital without her knowledge or information."

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The baby was reported dead and when an autopsy was eventually carried out, it was discovered that Michelle died as a result of suffocation.

In her bid to get to the bottom of the matter, the case was reported to the police and Michelle's mom also advised the police to demand for the CCTV footage from the school but it was discovered to have been wiped clean.

"This information further increased the parents suspicion that their daughter may have been killed by the school without justification. The parents sought to know if the school had any medical personnel in its employment only to be told there is none."

More so, the school has been accused of conspiring to cover up the matter as the IPO, Mr Arome, suddenly seemed to lose interest in the case.

Interestingly, the school still sent several messages to Michelle's parents asking them to pay for child resources for IDPs.

The deceased's parents also noted that they had not received any condolence message from the school proprietress or management.

See the full statement below as shared by Ocholi Ojonimi Okutepa on Facebook:

This is so sad. We hope the family will get to the bottom of the mysterious death of their daughter.

Meanwhile previously reported that a lady took to social media to reveal how her aunt's five-month-old child died at a day care.

The woman identified as @Olu_Kimberly had shared the sad story on popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

The young lady narrated that her aunt had dropped her five month baby off at day care around 11am, on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

According to her, the mother of the deceased child was called by the day care around 1pm, to inform her about her child's death.

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