Who is Lindsay Mills: top 10 facts about Edward Snowden girlfriend

Who is Lindsay Mills: top 10 facts about Edward Snowden girlfriend

Lindsay Mills' personality generates great interest in the public. It was caused by her relationship with the American programmer who spread the US security information. This relationship caused the ordinary girl from Baltimore to be known throughout the world. Who is she and what is known about her life? What does she have to do with Edward Snowden? There is not a lot of information about the girl, but we will help our readers to find out the most about her life.

Curious readers have a lot of questions about Lindsay. The girl left her home country, but for what? What does she actually do for a living? Her personality caused great resonance from her fellow citizens. We will tell you about what she does and what triggered her departure to another country.

Lindsay Mills bio

Lindsay Mills was born on February 20, 1985, in Baltimore. She spent her childhood in her parents' house. Her parents are Jonathan Mills and Martha Mills. There is no information about her siblings. She graduated from Laurel High School and in 2003..

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She graduated from Maryland Institue College of Art, where she was taught the basics of art and humanities. In that college, she received choreographic education. She dedicated all her life to dancing .She is a professional dancer and acrobat.

Lindsay age is 32. The girl earns her living by dancing. Moreover, she runs her own blog, where she shares her notes and photos. She often travelled with her boyfriend, Edward Snowden. Together they managed to visit many countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, and they also bought a house on the coast in Hawaii.

Lindsay Mills and Edward Snowden relationship

As we have said, perhaps no one would have known about the girl if it was not for her relationship with Edward Snowden. He does not look like a superhero or special agent; instead, he looks like an ordinary guy, but he has radically changed Lindsay's life. Their relationship began in 2009, but their lives totally changed four years later.

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Edward Snowden was accused of leaking information about the US security services, especially the CIA and the NSA. What encouraged him to do so remains a mystery, but the consequences were devastating as he had to flee the country, and Lindsay gave him incredible support in such a difficult situation.

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Together with him, she travelled through Hong Kong to Russia, where they found a place to hide from the American authorities. Edward has already lived in Russia for more than five years, and she lives in America and sometimes in Russia. Due to girls Instagram, it is impossible to say that they are leading reclusive lives. On the contrary, she quite often uploads stunning and very high-quality photos.

What are they doing in Russia?

Who is Lindsay Mills: top 10 facts about Edward Snowden girlfriend
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After the events that occurred in 2013, Edward decided to end the relationship, because he did not want to endanger Lindsay's life. They lived separately for a year: Lindsay stayed in America, and Edward moved to Russia. Almost a year later, she decided to visit her ex-boyfriend, and this situation united their souls again. They have never parted again since 2014.

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Edward Snowden lives in Russia, and may soon receive citizenship. Lindsay goes to visit him on a tourist visa. Edward gives lectures on security in Russia and Lindsay dances. There is no information about her workplace, as the girl tries not to spread information about her life.

Lindsay Mills net worth

All her life Lindsay was engaged in dancing, and it brought her income. Her net worth as a pole-dancer and acrobat in America is estimated at $ 48,100. Before her boyfriend fled the United States, he earned $ 200,000 a year. It is impossible to know how much the programmer is receiving now.

Lindsay Mills and Edward Snowden have not said that they were going to get married. Given all the tests that the couple has passed, there is no reason to doubt their love. The main thing is that they stayed together and love each other.

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