Quiz: Can you spot fake news?

Quiz: Can you spot fake news?

In recent times, many people find is difficult to differentiate between true and fake news. This is because some are not aware of the various developments around them, while those that are aware believe whatever they see on the Internet without further research if it is true or not.

However, the spread of fake news has caused the ban of reputable media house for a period of time while some journalists have been imprisoned. Therefore, it is the duty of everyone to be able to spot the difference between real news from a fake one.

It is easy to be confused by fake news, which is why Integrity is one of the main values in Legit.ng. We always double check the facts and make sure the news source is reliable.

In order to be sure of yourself, take the Quiz below:

Check out answers to the Quiz below:

Placing a raw, cut onion in contact with your foot overnight purifies your blood, removes toxins and heals your body: This is obviously not true because there is no way an onion place on the foot will cure any disease. Rather it is best to eat ‘onions raw’ in order for the body to absorb all its natural vitamins and nutrition that will help the body fight diseases.

Former president of the United States (US) expresses interest in meeting 8-year-old Nigerian chess player: Interestingly, Tanitoluwa Adewunmi’s skill at chess has earned him recognition from a former president of the United States, Bill Clinton. Clinton revealed that he is quite impressed with Tanitoluwa’s story and he would love to meet him sometime. He tweeted: “Refugees enrich our nation and talent is universal, even if opportunity is not. This story made me smile. Tanitoluwa, you exemplify a winning spirit – in chess and in life. And kudos to your hardworking parents. You all should stop by my office in Harlem; I'd love to meet you.”

Lucky woman delivers a set of sextuplets all in the space of nine minutes: Thelma Chiaka who resides in Houston gave birth to four sons and two daughters on Sunday, March 17. She had her bundles of joy in the space of just nine minutes. Hospital staffs asserted that the kids are in the advanced neonatal intensive care unit where they are in stable condition.

Research has proven that drinking too much water at night makes you gain excess weight: This is false because drinking water regularly helps reduce harmful toxins in the body. And drinking water helps your body digest everything you eat.

World’s most expensive perfume, Shumukh is being sold in Dubai for N471m: Shumukh is said to currently be the most expensive perfume in the world. Shumukh, unveiled by The Spirit of Dubai by Nabeel, is valued at a whooping sum of Dh4.752m which is approximately N471m. This is basically half a billion naira. The name of the perfume pays tribute to ‘The Spirit of Dubai’ as Shumukh in Arabic translates to ‘deserving the highest’.

Kings are prohibited from seeing their male children the moment they are given birth to: This is fake. However, there are rumors that some traditional rulers do not get to see their first male children because that is likely to be their successor but they still get to see their other male children. This varies from one tradition to another but not all monarchs do this.

Do you know that you tend to gain more weight when you are stressed?: This is true because it happens to almost everyone. Only few people get lucky not to gain weight when they are stressed.

Eating of snails during pregnancy allows your child to drool too much OR eating of snails in the dream draws back your destiny: There is no way eating of snails during pregnancy will make your baby drool after birth. This is just part of the many superstitions and myths about foods. Snail is a good source of protein which is essential for building and repairing muscles in the body.

Good luck!

Source: Legit.ng

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