Married woman with kids who was secretly engaged to another man, exposed

Married woman with kids who was secretly engaged to another man, exposed

The Nigerian Twitter platform is currently buzzing with reactions over the story of how a lady engaged to another man, was discovered to be married with children already.

The story was shared by Yakaka Mandara, a Twitter user who accompanied her cousin to visit her colleague's fiancee. On getting to the house however, they received the shock of their lives when they discovered that the said fiancee was not only married to another man, but had kids for him as well.

She wrote: "Tweeps come & hear gist. 2day I accompanied my cousin to go & greet d fiancee of her colleague who works in anoda state. We calld her, introduced & said we on our way, upon reaching d area her phone was off, we asked & got d house. Guess what? The said fiance is a married woman with kids

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"We were just looking at each other, now my cousin is battling on how to break the news to her colleague & tell him his so called fiance whom half of his family know of is actually a married woman. I've heard many stories of infidelity by women but neva witnessed it like this.

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"Worst part he visited her just last week. On Wednesday to be precise he drove all the way from KD to Maiduguri. I am still finding it hard to believe even thou I was right there . It's just too much deception."

In another story, a US-based woman has explained in a now viral video how her Nigerian husband cheated on her and how she was able to give him an unforgettable punishment. The mother of three revealed that she has been married to him for eight years and he has cheated on her a couple of times.

The woman also added that she had set up her husband and her children’s phones in a way that would make her aware of his activities seeing as he is not as tech-savvy as she is.

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