Kogi governorship election: Unmasking security giant with a midas touch

Kogi governorship election: Unmasking security giant with a midas touch

Editor's note: Politician and public affairs commentator, Hon. Prince Philip Orebiyi, writes on the Kogi governorship election to be held later this year, noting that the state is dire need of a leader with the capacity to oversee a massive campaign of human and infrastructural development in the north-central state.

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Kogi state does possess brilliant minds and leaders with unquestionable capacity and enough passion to take on the serious job of liberating the state from stagnancy, retrogression and successfully oversee a massive campaign of human and infrastructural development. Through such minds, the common citizen of Kogi state could be transformed from impoverishment to a better and dignified one and the entire state would be uplifted from the doldrums.

We have sons and daughters of the soil who posses the brilliance, commitment and patriotism to harness the vast human and mineral resources we are so richly blessed with and turn the fortunes of the state to one of the best performing states in the country. This is not inconceivable because we have the highest number of mineral resources in the country as well as hard-working citizens who are ready to contribute their quota to the rapid infrastructural and socioeconomic development of the state.

One of such rare personality is Dr. Joseph Erico Ameh. A security connoisseur and business maven who hails from Etutekpe in Olamabaro local government area of Kogi state. A man with a detribalised, unassuming, and emphatic disposition who is driven by the sheer desire to succeed and impact positively lives and his environment altogether.

Erico is the MD/CEO of a well known security outfit, that has its head office in Lagos and branches across the nation. He attended several security management related courses in Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and the United States. His vast qualifications, exploits and experience in the field has earned him membership of several local and international associations among which are: Fellow of International Institute of Professional Security (IIPS); National Institute for Industrial Security (NIIS); Association of Licensed Private Security Practitioners of Nigeria (ALPSPN); International Professional Security Association (IPSA), United Kingdom; Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) among others.

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His company has a workforce of over 9, 000 people, with a large chunk of this number being qualified and competent indigenes of Kogi state. This is a simple but crisp demonstration of the desire to tackle unemployment problem in the state; albeit in a private capacity.

Erico has travelled far and wide, internally and internationally and has acquired an impressive bank of knowledge and understanding of the political, leadership and developmental challenges of the people and state. He is an accomplished expert with a wealth of experience that will undoubtedly prove invaluable in the piloting of the affairs of Kogi state.

A very strong member of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Erico has been pivotally involved in the party's quest to provide Kogi state with efficient leadership across the state. He has been instrumental to PDP's activity in the state through funding of party activities and donation of vehicles and other items to strengthen the party's structure across the 21 local government areas of the state. This is to go along with his nonpartisan philanthropic projects that has touched the lives of many people.

Dear citizens of Kogi state, we are at a juncture in our political destiny where we must demonstrate our discontent with the mediocre leadership that is being undeservedly shoved down our throats; we must repulse self-serving and thieving politicians whose priority is to line their personal purses with our commonwealth when they ascend power through our franchise as electorates.

Our state is blessed with abundant mineral and human resources such that we have no business being one of the poorest and least performing states in Nigeria. If we are to attain the socioeconomic advancement that we so crave and deserve, we must jettison politicians who have so far demonstrated their lack of competence and empathy for the people and look to fresh, passionate and competent leaders such as Dr. Joseph Erico Ameh.

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