Jerry Trainor now: age, height, net worth and photos

Jerry Trainor now: age, height, net worth and photos

Jerry Trainor is an American film actor best known for playing the role of Spencer Shay in the children's television series iCarly. He began his career quite early and appeared in many projects at a young age. How does the star of one of the most popular children's sketch shows live now and what does he do? Find out all the answers and even more in our post below.

Jerry Trainor now: age, height, net worth and photos
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iCarly last season was in 2012, but people still have a great interest in the actors who starred in the TV series. It is a normal thing that people have a significant interest in the life of their favourite musicians and actors after their big success in some particular project. Jerry Trainor is not an exception. What do we know about his present life?

Jerry Trainor life facts

Gerald William "Jerry" Trainor was born on January 21, 1977, in America, San Diego, California. So Jerry Trainor age in 2019 is 42.

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He is the son of William Bill Trainor and Madeleine Trainor. Jerry has a sister as well. He spent all his childhood in his parents' house until he had to move to study in Los Angeles. There is not too much information about his personal life, but it is certain that his parents had nothing to do with the comedian's career. His mother was a calculus teacher in USD High School, and his father was the fleet commander of the fighter squadron. Their son still managed to convince his parents that comedy is what he would like to do.

As for the actor's education, he graduated from Groundlings School in Los Angeles. He also studied in California, Santa Barbara.

In the school, the actor took an active part in drama groups. Finally, Jerry decided to pursue acting skills actively, and later he entered the University of California to get a drama education. In his youth, the actor chose between science and laughter. For Jerry, giving people joy turned out to be more important than mathematical calculations and houses projecting.

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He has managed to play in quite famous television series as well as in films. His most famous role was Spencer Shay in the iCarly children's sketch show on the Nickelodeon channel. He also played Crazy Steve in Drake & Josh and played a role in the Donny Darko thriller.

Is Jerry Trainor married?

As we have already mentioned, there is not a lot of information about Jerry private life, but it is quite evident that such a handsome and successful man must have a life partner. Alas, the actor is not married, but he is often noticed in the company of a talented actress, comedian Jessica Makinson. They never openly declared their relationship, but this chemistry between them for more than 10 years (they started dating since 2008) is the fact that they may just be meant for each other

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There were also rumours that Jerry is dating Hannah Stewart, but that was just gossip.

Jerry Trainor now: height, net worth and other facts

As can be seen in his photos, the actor is rather tall. His height is 1 meter 88 centimetres (6 feet 2 inches), which is quite a impressive.

The actor more often appeared on TV shows and films when he was younger. He even received several awards such as the LOL Award in 2010 and Nick UK's Funniest Person in 2011. He continues his career, and accordingly, his income also grows. Referring to Celebrity Net Worth, Jerry Trainor net worth is $1.5 million now. The actor continues to work on himself and continues to take part in filming, often in children's programs.

Jerry also creates music. In 2015, he gathered a band that included his friends. He played the bass guitar. In his group was a drummer, vocalist and another guitarist as well.

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Jerry Trainor is a reasonably well-known American film actor who has played so many different roles. He has received awards for his acting and has been nominated a large number of times. Without a doubt, the actor will soon appear in a new film or series, but still, the image of Spencer Shay from iCarly will remain the most recognisable and famous in his career.

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