Drinking very hot tea increases risk of cancer - Study

Drinking very hot tea increases risk of cancer - Study

- An American medical study has shown that drinking very hot tea can lead to esophageal cancer

- It was revealed that by 2019, there will be 13,750 men and 3,900 women facing this kind of cancer

- Scientists also found that heat in beverages generally are the real cause of the disease

A new study which observed more than 50,000 people in Golestan, Iran, has revealed that those who drink hot tea could be increasing their risk of having esophageal cancer.

Researchers have found out that people who drink their tea at warm temperature than 60 degree Celsius and take more than 700ml of tea daily have a 90% higher risk of cancer in comparison to those who take less tea, CNN reports.

Dr Farhad Islami of the American Cancer Society and the leading author of the research said in as much as many people like drinking hot tea and coffee, it is always advisable to let it cool down before taking it.

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He said: "Many people enjoy drinking tea, coffee, or other hot beverages. However, according to our report, drinking very hot tea can increase the risk of esophageal cancer, and it is therefore advisable to wait until hot beverages cool down before drinking."

Though there has been previous studies that show the connection between drinking hot and cancer, none has been able to say the exact temperature of the tea like the research published on Wednesday, March 20.

The research also revealed that by 2019 there could be 13,750 of new cases of esophageal cancer in men and 3,900 in women.

When the team of researchers studied 50,045 people who are between the ages of 40 and 75 for at least 10 years, in between 2004 and 2017 it was found that 317 of them had the cancer.

Stephen Evans, a professor of pharmacoepidemiology at the London School of Hygience and tropical Medicine, said what causes the cancer was not just tea but the heat produced by the hot tea, saying heat generally lead to it.

"In fact, it is probably anything hot: Microwaved jam has been known to cause esophageal injury. It is possible that the trauma leads to cell changes and hence to cancer," he said.

It was also gathered that tea is less consumed at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius in US and Europe unlike in places like Russia, Iran, Turkey and South America.

"If you go to the Middle East or to Russia, they drink it out of a samovar that's constantly under heat," said Peter Goggi, president of the Tea Association of the USA.

Dr James Doidge, a senior research at University College London, said hot drinks especially are an established factor of cancer as repeated irritation of the body surface leads to it.

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