Hanks Anuku: top 10 facts about the actor

Hanks Anuku: top 10 facts about the actor

Do you remember Hanks Anuku, the biggest ‘bad guy’ of Nollywood? The actor’s bright characters are forever in our minds, and his films beat all the popularity records. What should we know about the chief gangster of Nigerian cinema?

Hanks Anuku: top 10 facts about the actor

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Cinema is one of the main entertainments in Nigeria. The audience loves Nollywood and Nigerian movie actors. Certainly, people are interested not only in the filmography of favourites but also their personal life as well as earnings. Nollywood and ordinary life are inseparable: Nigerians admire the actors, Nigerian ladies imitate the actresses in their dress styles.

Hanks Anuku can be called one of the most bright and successful actors who did a lot for the Nigerian film industry. Either you are his devoted fan or not, you will learn a lot about the actor if keep reading our article.

‘Top secret’ about Hanks Anuku you should know

The online media is full of different and contradictory information about Anuku. Some data is even very shocking. But our task today is to put a dot over. We are not going to retell the biography of the legendary Nigerian male actor. Our mission is to name only 10 of the most interesting facts about him.

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Hanks Anuku

Image: instagram.com, @ha1962anukuha
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1. Hanks date of birth is the 27th of August 1960. His place of birth is Ibadan, Oyo state. Hanks Anuku has the Igbo tribe origin. The actor is proud of his roots and highly respects African culture.

2. The future actor obtained a secondary and higher education in Nigeria:

  • Loyola College Ibadan
  • Auchi Polytechnic

3. After receiving his education, Anuku lived in the United States for a long time. There Hanks acquired his special American accent liked by his audience. In the US, he first tried himself as an actor, having played in several Hollywood films.

4. In the early 2000s, Anuku returned to Nigeria and started his acting career here. Regina Askia opened the way to Nollywood for him.

5. Hanks debut movie is ‘Skeleton.’ The film that brought him the greatest fame is ‘Senator.’

6. The actor’s main role is a negative hero – the ‘bad guy.’ Anuku mainly played dramatic and character roles. With his face, he could portray any emotion. Hanks got into his characters very naturally. His roles of various gangsters and villains with black glasses and thick gold chains are the classic of Nigerian cinema. The ‘bad boy’s’ filmography has more than one hundred and fifty movies.

For his acting skills, he received the following awards:

  • Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria
  • Best Actor of the Year
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Best Actor in Nigeria

7. Hanks likes to drive big bikes. In 2015 he even had an accident in Ghana. There were also rumours of his death, but fortunately, nothing bad happened.

Hanks Anuku family

Image: instagram.com, @ha1962anukuha
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8. The actor has a family: a wife and children. On Instagram, we can see cute photos of Anuku’s happy family. There he was captured with his wife and two younger children (son and daughter.) Looking at the picture, we assume that Hanks is very happy in his family life.

Also, his account has several photos of a young lady, signed as ‘My first daughter.’

9. In 2015, the internet was filled out with fake news about his AIDS infection as a result of contacts with a large number of women. The actor spent a lot of effort to refute the viral news which brought a lot of suffering and trouble to Hanks and his family.

10. In 2017 Hanks Anuku took Ghanaian citizenship, moved to Ghana, and changed his name to Nana Kwame Fifi Kakra. In media, Anuku said about his plans to stay in Ghana for the rest of his life.

No matter where Hanks Anuku moved to and whatever circumstances caused him to change his citizenship, he will always remain in the gold fund of Nollywood as an actor who skillfully played the most terrible villains of Nigeria. The ‘bad boy’s’ fans from Africa are waiting for his new films and maybe a new role specialisation.

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