Man challenges pastor on Lagos street for preaching intolerance

Man challenges pastor on Lagos street for preaching intolerance

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share a video of a preacher he confronted in Lagos who he claimed was disturbing the public peace with his loud preacher.

The man identified on Instagram as @captainblazee recorded a video of a preacher whom he confronted about disturbing the public with his loud and 'un-gospel' like preaching in which he scared people with the thought of death.

Sharing the video, he wrote: "I met this frustrated preacher on my way out early today. I think there's a lot of them around Lagos and something should be done about this.They always preach with threat of death, fear and looking at them, hmmmm! What you see is bitterness, pains and hatred.

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Their pastors don't preach like this, the rich people in the church don't either. Only them church rats way dey look for emergency miracle. Instead of getting themselves busy with creativity, ideas or hard work.They will come to your street, in the bus and disturb other people's peace. Gospel should be peaceful."

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While many people believe in the freedom of speech when it comes to street pastors, some public preaching carried out by supposed men of God is considered nuisance.

A while ago, a Nigerian street pastor arrested for disturbing public disturbance at Southgate station, London on February 23. The yet-to-be identified man was seen preaching the gospel to strangers and it attracted the attention of the police. When asked to leave by the police, he attempted to preach salvation to the officers of the law.

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