Who is Lena the Plug: age, real name, boyfriend

Who is Lena the Plug: age, real name, boyfriend

Lena the Plug is one of those YouTube stars who pretend to be very naughty girls! They are so daring, so shocking, and so cool that people want to know everything about these girls, especially if they are as attractive and appealing as Lena. You have a unique chance to peek through a keyhole and see what it is like to be a notorious YouTuber in the USA.

Who is Lena the Plug: age, real name, boyfriend

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Would you like somebody to watch you during your most intimate moments with your sweetheart? Some people are really excited about the idea. Lena the Plug seems not to mind being watched while making love with her boyfriend. How else can one explain her scandalous promise to her followers? What, you have not heard about it? Okay, then, keep on reading, and you will get to know later.

Lena Nersesian: how it all started

Born Lena Nersesian – this is Lena the Plug real name – on June 1, 1991, this young star was never expected to shock the audience the way she does. The conservative Armenian family the girl belongs to used to consider sitcoms and TV shows too gross to watch. Eventually, the child grew up and went to school and later entered the University of California.

Those who consider female YouTubers dumb and deprived of any signs of intellect will be surprised to read Lena’s social media and interviews. The girl shares her memories about the time in Sweden she spent studying and assisting children who suffer from autistic disorders.

When having channels on YouTube and sharing content via Snapchat has become extremely popular, the girl made up her mind to take a piece of this cake. Apart from being the one who shocks the audience with her bold statements, the girl is also an enthusiast of sports and fitness.

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If you look through her channel, you will find videos of her working out for real. She has a curvy body, but she works hard to have it and does not only use it to attract people to her pictures or videos. She is a great role model for girls who do not have slim bodies but want to look fit, strong, and attractive.

Lenatheplug – this is how her accounts on Instagram and Twitter are titled – has earned a lot of fame within several years of her video blogging. So many people are now interested in her age, height, weight, body measurements, boyfriend’s name, and the most intimate details of her life. This is the real life of a social media influencer.

Who is Lena the Plug beyond her career of a YouTuber?

Lena’s career has been bright and quite odd. She has tried many diverse jobs that are hardly connected to each other or her main occupation of today. She used to be a nanny, a clerk in a grocery store and even drove an Uber vehicle for a while. When she saw that all these jobs did not give her any satisfaction, she started her path towards fame as a social media star.

Apart from her YouTube channel, she has one on Instagram and a Facebook account. The latter one is not as active as her Instagram and Twitter, but it exists. She gives a lot of attention to life as a media personality. Still, her family does not give up hope that their smart girl will once return to the field of Psychology she used to love so much. They are not very much excited that their only daughter behaves the way she does. They would rather see her building up a professional career and establishing a good normal life.

It is a popular opinion that girls like her have no interest in something clever and intelligent. However, Lena enjoys reading a lot, both prosaic works and poetry, and even tried her hand at writing on her own. In spite of the scandalous fame, she has a good brain, and she is definitely intelligent enough to be able to reach such popularity without being a movie star or a musician.

Away from all those social media, subscribers and followers, likes and views, Lena is a regular girl with a friendly smile and a beautiful open face. She says, “Come for the booty and stay for my irresistible charm”, and so it happens. People land on her YouTube channel or Instagram page while searching for pictures of her attractive curves but stay and subscribe because she is incredibly, specifically interesting and charming.

Who is Lena the Plug boyfriend?

Controversial as she is, Lena has a bright and diverse personal life. Even though she is known to have a boyfriend, she claims that she is a lesbian and proves this statement with facts. To begin with, the most recent boyfriend whom the influencer has been dating for two years is Adam Grandmaison. The young man is the host of the famous podcast titled No Jumper. The couple often posts pictures together on either one’s Instagram or Twitter.

Now, the shocking fact about the couple we have promised at the beginning. Lena has once declared that when the number of followers of her YouTube channel reaches one million, she will record a home video with her boyfriend (obviously Adam). Now, the number of followers has already grown bigger than only 1 million, and it seems the couple should be busy filming their most intimate moments together. Still, Lena has changed her mind and said that some videos of a similar type had already reached the Web and that she did not want to show anything more.

This case has no way influenced the number of followers or the level of their interest for her videos or other content Lena publishes. She already has a number of clips with provocative and daring titles that attract enough people.

Now, to her attraction to women. Lena is said to have date another female while studying at college. It was not just friendship, and this fact has never been a secret. The girl is always quite open and frank regarding her views and preferences, and she does not need to conceal the fact that she can have a male and a female lover at the same time.

Fans are waiting for Lena and Adam to get married any time soon, but the couple does not hurry. Maybe, they are right in the process of preparing for the start of family life, but there is no information about this side of their lives.

Instead, they are known for their “open” relationship. They seem to have no big obligations to each other and do not mind being engaged in a threesome. If this process is being filmed, it is absolutely okay for them, and they already have some videos of this type featuring Taylor White.

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It is interesting that the guy is not at all jealous when his sweetheart provides pictures of herself without clothes or some private videos to all those who want to see them. Instead, he probably thinks he is lucky to have such a frank and brave girlfriend.

Some Lena the Plug quick facts

There are several facts a real fan of Lena should know. Here we have a short list of things that make the girl famous in both a good and a bad way.

  • Lena the Plug name given to her after birth is Lena Nersesian
  • The girl has more than one million subscribers of her YouTube channel that hosts about two hundreds of video clips of diverse types
  • Lena Nersesian age: she will be 28 this year
  • Lena has a diploma in Psychology and used to practice her skills while working with autistic children in Sweden
  • Lena’s videos have often received adverse reactions because of being racist. Practically the same story happened to her Instagram account, and she had to struggle a lot to keep it alive
  • She started as a YouTube blogger with videos dedicated to fitness and lifestyle

  • The girl reached her million of subscribers several months after the announcement of a private video with her boyfriend. At the moment, she had only about 40 thousand, but in a few months, the number grew on both her and her boyfriend’s channels
  • The private video will never be released because of the already leaked intimate videos featuring the girl. Instead, she turned to the audience and asked those who have started to follow her for the sake of this video to unsubscribe
  • Lena is bisexual, and everybody who has at least minimal Internet searching skills will be able to find videos of her, other females and her boyfriend

These are quick facts about one of the most famous female YouTube bloggers who play bad girls. Even though many people may think that Lena the Plug is doing something dirty, her channel is definitely worth being explored. She really has this irresistible charm that attracts people and makes her the social media star she is now.

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